Vogue 1507 for me

I made my own version of V1507 this week.  It was fun to make, but I don't think that it is something I will wear much.  There is too much of it, and it is too frou-frou for me, with the layers, and the floral and the gingham.  The fabrics are from Miss Matatabi, with the main being a rayon challis and the contrast and gingham seersucker.  Maybe I should have stuck to a plain fabric.

I used a trim on the sides of the front panel, because I though breaking up the print on its own would look a bit funny.

The slits in the sleeve mean that the sleeves are very comfortable to wear.  No restrictions at all.

I faced the back ties with the gingham, both for a burst of colour and for a more structured tie.

One little extra thing I added was some stays to the shoulder, to tuck under my bra straps.  I'm never coordinated enough to do up those little ribbons and studs that you wrap around your bra strap.  Instead, I covered a short piece of boning in fabric and stitched it to the edge of the neckline.  I just tuck the boning under my bra straps to keep the blouse a little more secure on my shoulders.


  1. What a fun blouse so impeccably made! Both of you look lovely in your new tops!

  2. I don't know what's going on but I've tried to comment three times and it won't accept it. Anyway... I really love this and I love the gingham with it... a lovely touch. I get that it's a bit frou frou... I was thinking to make mine with just one layer of sleeve (fabric length will dictate that too tho) and maybe a bit shorter as I'm pretty short and hate being overwhelmed by sleeves. I do love the yellow. Sofie

  3. I love this blouse! I can see why you might feel it's a bit much. But you've created a gorgeous blouse :-) I think it looks perfect for a christmas party! Mind you I love my some frou frou :-D

    Next time vogue are on special (yeah right...) I will get this pattern. I love all the versions of it I've seen so far.

    Also love that little trick with the bra straps.

  4. This looks FANTASTIC on you! Maybe you are more frou-frou than you realised???!

  5. I think it's fun and worn with plain jeans doesn't look too "frou-frou", I really like the contrast gingham and the back bow. Also the bra strap retainer trick is awesome - I've used that method to control centre front gaping, but never thought of it for the shoulders.