Vogue 8994 in double gauze

In a recent pattern sale, I trawled through the pattern books and left the store with armfuls of Vogue patterns.  This is most unlike me.  I am not a spontaneous shopper, and usually research patterns obsessively before committing to purchase.  At these prices though, I thought it didn't matter if I got a few duds, and for a couple of patterns, I even bought them in two size ranges (bloody pear shape).  

When I got home and did a little internet research into Vogue 8994, I was surprised at how few reviews there were.  The reviews were consistent though; each of the reviewers had trouble with the fit, which is a shame for such a simple style.  Mostly there were issues with the low armholes and neck.  

I got out my sloper and made some length changes in the upper bodice.  I can't remember the details, but I know I took a fair whack out, maybe even as much as 10 cm.  Possibly more than I needed to, but I don't like necklines high up on the back of my neck

The fabric is a double gauze.  Double gauze is a pretty new fabric for me, so I am still experimenting, but I'd have to say that it is a dud choice for dresses, even summer beachy ones.  The fabric is very clingy, so even if it is not sheer, it shows up every body curve.  It wrapped itself around my tummy and thighs and I was hard put to find a photo I could use.  So many photos had the dress wedged up in my bum crack that I don't think I can actually wear this dress in public.

Which is a shame, because it took a concentrated effort to get all those stripes to match.  The fabric had a diagonal stripe.  I should have planned it more.  Next time I will draw up lined paper and sketch the pattern pieces in place, because I had fully cut one front and one back before I realised that I would have to cut the other front and back on the cross grain to get the diagonals to work.  Only, not even at a 90° angle to the first pieces, because I don't think the diagonals were 45°.  So one set of pieces are lengthwise and the other set are skewed at about 15° to the cross grain.  It is a wonder I was able to cut the pieces out of my 2 m of fabric.  I have chevrons at the front and back, but I had no hope of matching the side seams, because the angle of the stripes changes quite dramatically down the side length, which you can see if you look carefully at the photo below.  This different grains do give the dress a lovely swingy drape.

I cut the length at the indications for lining length.  I didn't use a lining, instead finishing the edges with self made bias.

I think that the pattern has potential, and I would like to make it up in another fabric.  I have a black rayon twill that I bought to make a jumpsuit, but really, I am not a jumpsuit sort of person, so I am wondering if I should use the twill for another version of this dress.  I don't much wear plain black though.  Maybe I should just sit on it until the right fabric comes along.


  1. I laughed my head off at the bum crack comment, but feel your pain. It looks like a lovely fabric and you did well with the stripes and with the length you had, but I would save your rayon. I like the back neck/arm area.

  2. Too bad because it is a nice fit, beautiful color and you did great matching the dominant area of stripes. I think you could use your twill. Take the simple neckline + solid black to show off jewelry or a scarf?

  3. I love this dress on you honestly! I think it's sexy in a good way - not too much skin showing but hints of your shape are subtly revealed :)I would definitely make it up in your black - you could add some embellishments like around the neckline to jazz it up which might be fun - or even an applique.

  4. really nice dress for warm weather - and I don't see any problems, the fit is good.

  5. Why not wear a full slip underneath? I wear one under all my clingy dresses, problems solved.

  6. It does look lovely and the strip matching is amazing! I agree with the above comment re slips, it's what I do too. Otherwise it could be a fancy beach cover up?! I think you could definitely make it in your black fabric, it's just the type of simple silhouette that looks striking in black.

  7. LOL! Yeah sounds like it's a bit uncomfortable, in a few different ways, when wearing it. Looks fab in these piccies though, so I'm glad you got a few useful photos.

    I think the black would work really well too. But not if you thought you'd never wear it. Then it would just be a waste of fabric. Eh, woteves, the pattern has huge potential!

  8. The diagonal/chevron striped double gauze dress you created looks beautiful! I love the colour, the patten, the swingy drape and the over all look of the dress. I wonder whether or not wearing some of the brands and styles of classic high-waisted full coverage briefs I review on my blog could help smooth out some of the wind-caused wedging in future photos? It's a pretty dress.