Victory Pattern Simone Dress

I have long admired Victory Patterns, for their unique designs, but this is the first time that I have made one up.  A friend lent me her copy of the Simone Dress, after I admired a gorgeous version that she made for her daughter.

This is a wearable muslin.  I don't normally do wearable muslins, but I was out of muslin fabric and I had this cheap Spotlight fabric that I was planning on using for a caftan.  I made some changes to the paper pattern before I started.  From memory, the changes included lowering the back neck, and using my dress block to adjust the bust darts and yoke shaping to fit.  I left off the zipper, but you can see that the back of the dress is not as fitted as it could be.

The slit in the front neck is quite low, so I might raise it a tad next time.

The side view shows the high-low hem.  I hacked about 15 cm off the back skirt, because it seemed to hit a spot on my calves that was driving me crazy as I walked around.  I didn't shorten the front skirt at all.
Here is the back view.  All the back flare seems to be concentrated at the CB.  If I make this again, I would adjust the skirt piece to distribute the flare.

I'm not sure if I will make it again or not.  That's the trouble with wearable muslins...you end up with a version in not so nice fabric, that may not do the pattern justice, and does not excite you enough to want to make a second version.  I think I would like it better in a drapier fabric.


  1. Oh the back looks really terrific and the length looks pretty good now too. I see how you could want to distribute that flare a bit. A nice dress really. I'm was so hoping you would say that's your back yard looking all resort like and with starfish no less!

  2. I've long admired this pattern and I definitely think you should give it another go. The dress looks great on you and the location is amazing!

  3. There is a couple of things you said here that struck me - one was that high/low hem and the back being too long...I've had that same experience with another Victoria pattern! I tried one of her patterns that looked so great in the on the pics I'd seen of it but on me, it was a disaster! The other thing you mentioned was about muslins! I do this all the time - use some cheap fabric I have around to do a practice run for fit and style on ME. Looking at myself in the mirror, I'm horrified and can't bring myself to cut into my really expensive fabric to make it again. I don't know if this process is saving me $ or just putting me off some really pretty pattern that look terrible after that first practice. I've been pondering this dilemma for a while :) Having said that I do actually like your dress on you and agree with those few tweaks you mention it would make a lovely garment!

  4. love your dress and the sea stars!!!

  5. The star fish!!!!! They've gone away from the beaches I know in the US. Yes, the dress is nice and would have great potential with the improvements you described.

  6. I have been admiring that pattern for quite a while. It is a shame that you are less than enamored with the results.