Craftsy course princess seam draft

In a big tidy up of my sewing room recently (though not as recent as today...it is a mess again...sigh) I was dealing with some projects that were lying about taking up room.  One of these was the muslin for a princess seam dress, which I made many months ago when I was right into my craftsy drafting courses.  I transferred the changes back to my pattern and made up the dress using a stretch sateen from Spotlight.

Here are the results.

I am happy with the fit, and I was happy enough when I looked in the mirror, but I am not loving the look in these photos.  That is one of my problems lately...I like how I look until I see a photo of myself.  I like to document my sewing in this blog, but I certainly don't love the taking and looking at photos part.  

To be fair, I have never really loved princess seamed dresses.  I don't mind them in a bodice, but not so much a dress.  I think they look, not so much frumpy, as matronly.  

I have a bit of a problem with a silverfish infestation.  I got the house treated, but that didn't seem to solve the problem.  Last weekend I totally emptied out my wardrobe and hit it with some lavender oil.  I thought it would be a good chance to do a Marie Kondo clean out at the same time, which I have been meaning to do for a while.  Turns out I couldn't do it though.  Even if I don't wear the clothes anymore, I still love the fabrics.  I just went and bought more coat hangers instead.  Not for this dress though.  I had no trouble putting it in the "move on" bag.


  1. Well that's a shame you tossed it.I think slightly shorter with a lower neckline would be much more great work dress and much less matronly. I can't do the Kondo thing either... I have things I really love but can't wear too.. still not gone. I'm really going to try this weekend again though. I had a thought last week re this... I keep doing the same thing over and over with the same result so maybe I should just get more storage too??

  2. Yes, more storage will eventually fill up too, but it gives us longer to be ready to part with stuff!

    I guess I could have made this dress work with modifications, but I already have several dresses from my drafting course and I don't wear dresses much at all. The fun was in the drafting. This is a wasteful aspect of my hobby, but I figure I need to practice to get good at this craft, right?

  3. Hope you donated the dress - it will make someone very happy! I think sometimes it's more a question of inspired photo styling rather than anything wrong with the garment style. But like you I find this style a bit difficult to feel comfy in.

    Is silverfish anything like cloth moths? I've lost the battle to the moths. Don't think even a move will save my Stash as their grandchildren are probably making a feast of anything natural & animal based :-(