T-shirt Dress

Early last summer I got fixated on t-shirt dresses.  So I made one.  I only wore it once before it was way too hot to contemplate wearing again until the weather cooled down.  Which would be now.

I extended my t-shirt pattern down from the hips and lengthened the sleeves a little.  Looking at these photos, I should probably widen the shoulders of this pattern a little.

I put a seam down the CB, so that I could shape it in at the waist a little.  Then, whilst I was cutting, I made a last minute decision to add some width at the CB below the waist to accommodate my butt. Lucky I did, as it is looking a little snug back there.

This fabric is a cotton lycra knit from EmmaOneSock.  Do you remember how I used the leftovers?  I like this dress, but this is another one of those fabrics where the leftovers end up getting way more wear than the original garment.


  1. It's really cute - this fabric deserves to be shown off more than underwear! I think sometimes these dresses need a little bit of cling around the butt to look right.
    I'm off to read more about your dying adventures now - I have to dye some lingerie trims and could do with your expertise!

    1. Thanks Sheryll,

      I probably don't have much dyeing info on my blog, because I am just bumbling along. I use the acid dyes from Dharma Trading, and the tricky bit is using small quantities of dye for 1 set of lingerie notions. The small quantities means that what I do is not readily reproducible, so I have to make sure to do enough at a time that I don't run out before a lingerie set is complete!

      Happy dyeing!!!

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