Swimwear 2016

It is only 2 weeks off swimming sign-up, and I have ordered a heap of funkifabrics ready to make the kids new swimmers...and I haven't even blogged last year's makes.  Here we go...

I made this first pair to go on a beach holiday.  I love the fabric, which I got from Tessuti, and originally wanted to make a more elaborate design that I was trying to design / muslin.  But it was the day before the holiday, I was trying to get the kids to pack and help sort out the house, and there may have been shouting.   I decided to cut my losses and go with this simple halter design, that I originally got from Stuart's patternschool site. 

I left the fabric of the neckband raw, as halter necks tend to give me headaches, and this seems to reduce that.  A bit softer on the neck.  I used a picot elastic for the neck edge.

This next pair looks great, at 6 in the morning, but as the day goes on and my tummy swells up, the little diamonds do some sort of distortion thing and it doesn't look so good.  I should have put a ruched panel on the front.  The fabric is from my stash, but was originally marked Anna & Boy from the Fabric Store.  The pattern is Jalie 3350 .  I like the twisty bit and will make this again.

I made this next pair to swim laps in.  The idea is to do laps once a week, but in reality, it is the first thing I drop when I get tired or busy.  The fabric is from Funki fabrics.  The pattern could be my own, or adapted from a Jalie, I can't remember.  The kids took a photo of me wearing these at a rockpool one day, and it was less than flattering.  Probably should not wear bikinis in public.  There weren't many people there and usually there are only 2 or 3 people at the pool when I do my laps.

The next two pairs were for my son.  The fabric is from Funkifabrics and the pattern is my man-i-fied version of Jalie 2563.

This next pair was for my daughter.   It was adapted from OOP Jalie 2564 to have a higher neckline, which seems to be the current fashion.  I made another pair in donut fabric for her cousin, which she wore out, so then I made a second donut pair, but I don't seem to have any photos.  A daughter of a friend in the swim squad liked these city scape ones, so I made her a pair in the left over fabric.

We love the new prints from Funkifabrics and are all set to make the next round!!


  1. I love your halter togs fabric... I like it with the simpler pattern that lets the fabric be seen. I also love the cityscape. I'd love to know how you mani-i-fied the jailie as I tried man-i-fying a jail women's full suit... you know like a wet suit (where I am eventually going to make the legs like togs and have a rashie swimsuit) but it wasn't terrible but I could see it wasn't fitting very well. Come to think of it I haven't seen them for a while so maybe my son hid them somewhere.

  2. These are all really cool! That top fabric is fantastic--do you remember what it's called?

    1. Sorry Elizabeth, I don't. It was from Tessuti, so it was probably a designer roll end. It is not on their website anymore.

  3. What a great bunch of fabrics. It is so much more fun to sew a garment out of fabric that you love. The monkey fabric "see no evil", etc. made laugh out loud.

  4. You have been busy! My swimwear production has slowed somewhat now my youngest has decided he wants to try out different sports and has dropped swim squads. It has certainly made my weekly timetable a lot easier but I do miss making the different training suits.