Jalie 3667

I bought a bunch of the new Jalies when they came out.  After I had picked the ones I wanted, I only had to add one or two more to get a discount, so I added in 3667, even though I have several raglan patterns already.  Then when my order arrived, I saw that somehow the pattern I wanted most of all wasn't in my order, and I had to order it separately.  Major bummer. Still, I love a raglan top, so not all bad.

Normally in Jalie I measure a T/U at the bust and grade out to a W in the hips.  This shirt was a bit loose, and now that I have gone back and checked, it appears that I traced a V, grading out to an X.  I must have been feeling big the day I traced the pattern off.  Anyway, it ended up too loose and I had to run the side seams in...shame as I actually bought matching thread for the overlocking, but have run the side seams in several days after after I changed the threads back again.

The fabric is a viscose knit from Tessuti, which seems to be sold out in this colour.  This is part of the new colour scheme I am trying out at the moment.

The only change I made to the pattern (apart from running side seams in) was to hem the sleeve. instead of making cuffs.  The neckline is higher than I am used to, but probably good for winter.  I thought I needed more plains in my wardrobe, but I am so used to wearing colour and print that I am not sure how well this will fit my style.

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  1. When I noticed in your post you had purchased a bunch of Jalie patterns this year I had to investigate! I did the same - I honestly must have at least 10 of their patterns in my to-do list. Love your Tee :) and I'm pretty sure that's in my Jalie collection!