Bike Pants

An Aldi store has just opened near us, and I tell you, the Aldi catalogue is one of the highlights of my family's week.  Not that we get there for the specials....we are just amazed at the variety of stuff that turns up in store.  A few weeks ago they had a special on cycling gear.  By the time we made it to the store, the ladies bike pants had all sold out, except for Sz 6.  Well, I am nowhere near a Sz 6, but I thought buying them and using the chamois from them would be cheaper than ordering a chamois and having it shipped to me.

The Aldi pair had an interesting design, in that there was no elastic across the front waistband.  Instead, there was a doubled over yoke, similar to a maternity panel.  I guess if you are sitting on a bike, there is no chance of your pants falling down, so this seems like a comfortable option.  I got out my pencil and paper and drafted a pattern with this feature.  I also included a side panel with a big pocket, in case the chamois didn't work out and I decided to use these for running instead.  This time, I used Jalie 2920 as my block for drafting.  It is a one piece pattern, which makes drawing on design lines easy.  Then it is just a matter of cutting up the design lines and added seam allowances.

 Front panel (lining up with side pocket)

 Inside view of front panel

Inside view of back, showing elasticised waist

Large phone pocket

Being modelled

I only go cycling once a week, and I've actually missed the last couple of weeks, so I can't even report whether or not the chamois improves the cycling experience!  I've only attached it with a wide zig-zag in case I need to re-position it.  


  1. wow! Here in US Aldi is just a grocery store, and depends on where you live it can be good or really bad. Good job!

  2. Great idea... Aldi is great for that kind of stuff. The quality is usually very good if you get there in time. I love the colours of the bike pants.

  3. Cleaver idea! Love the fabrics you've used and I have to admit to being a bit of an Aldi fan - you just never know what you're going to find.