Tropical Print Running Outfit

I was sent to my sewing room for a mental health day, and decided to make a running outfit for the Ecofest Trail run.  My family thought it was a great joke...I could blend in amongst the trees and  miss a few kilometers and no-one would be any the wiser!

The tropical print is from funkifabrics.  My daughter and I squabbled over who would get to use it. In the end, I bought some in the Titan weight for me and some in the regular weight to make swimmers for her.

The top pattern is Jalie 3679.  I used a dark grey supplex for the yoke, the tropical print for the bra, a wicking cotton for the bra lining and a slubby cotton for the outer tank bit.  I left off the hem band, because a hem band would make it harder to use the top as a sweat rag for my face whilst running :).  The top was actually a lot easier to sew than I expected.  The only time I struggled with the instructions was step 22 when it said to sew fabric and lining together.  It took me a few moments to realise that they meant the seam allowances of the yoke and yoke lining.  Here is a close up of the back.

The leggings were made using my favourite leggings pattern, first made here.  I made a few changes to the pattern, which meant that every piece had to be adjusted and re-traced, but I am really happy with how they fit, so it was worth the effort.  The best feature is the huge side pocket.  I prefer side pockets because I don't like the waist elastic too tight and waistband pockets tend to drag the pants down when I fill them.  You can just make out the pocket in the photo below, if you know where to look.  It is in the side panel that curves down into the mesh insert.

I love a bit of matchy-matchy, (and bright colours, and wild prints) and it is fun that I get to do this in my exercise wear when I try to show a little more restraint for my "normal" clothes.


  1. I love the image of your family banishing you to your sewing room for a mental health day!
    I love the fabric too, and understand why your daughter was fighting you for it. Have you made the swimmers yet?

    I love that top. I've been thinking of making something like that but I just don't feel confident I could pull it off in a comfortable enough way that I'd wear it. I'm wondering if I took some of my sports bras and added fabric artistically to it to create a top like that. Sort of a halfway step.

    1. Hi Tropical Threads! This top is surprisingly comfortable. Nothing strappy about it. I didn't show a side shot, but the tank part doesn't even hand below the bra at the sides. It definitely has more coverage than the papercut pneuma (which I also love). Adding fabric or a tank to a sports bra would be a great way to go.

    2. Sounds really good. I do pilates, and a top like that would be perfect. I might try eyeballing it from the pattern line drawings to adapt a sports bra, and if not I might buy the whole pattern. I just realised they do PDF! Yay! The cost of postage has always put me off. I'm in love with so many Jalie patterns!

    3. Glitter and Dance sell Jalie patterns for $20, so then you are only paying postage for an Australia Post Satchel. I'm not sure if they have the whole range, but their service is really good so you could ring and ask