Peachy Jeans

I bought a bunch of fabrics in various peachy shades, ready to try something new.  First I made a jacket, which doesn't look so good (I will post it soon), and then I made these jeans to enter in the Patternreview Jeans contest.  I have been working more and more lately, so have much less time to think about sewing, and I am finding that these contests are directing my sewing queue and giving me the motivation to get projects finished.

First, the close-ups, showing my beautiful top-stitching, awesome belt carriers, fly, rivets, flat-felled CB seam (which makes it hard to make fitting changes) and soft cotton sheeting used for the pockets.  The buttonhole is a red hot mess though.  I tried every trick I know, but it didn't want to play.  I ended up sewing lengths of zig-zag stitch by eye to get it to work.

The back pocket design.

Photos showing the fit.  Of course, I chose the best ones, but in reality, the fit around the bum is quite wrinkly.  I made a few tweaks to fix other problems and the bum ended up worse.  They feel comfy though.  The fabric is a stretch cotton denim from emmaonesock. In these photos, I am wearing my Chanel inspired jacket.  I made it over 3 years ago, but don't think I have a photo of me wearing it on my blog.  (I still haven't bound the armscye seam on the inside, but that doesn't stop me wearing it!)

 I was surprised at how many colours pair well with the peachy denim.  Here is a selection from my wardrobe.

And just for fun...


  1. These jeans are so great! I love your back pocket shape and design.

  2. What a versatile colour, which on first glance I wouldn't have though would be. I love the pocket design and the fit looks pretty great.

  3. Love them and you did an amazing job on the sewing!

  4. Oh my, they look amazing with grey topstitching. Sorry about the buttonhole sometimes these things are sent to drive us crazy! I've been crushing so hard on blush toned jeans recently. I have some denim in the stash ready to go. I love your outfit combinations! They are surprisingly versatile!