Patrones Shorts

These are the shorts from my Sudoku Wardrobe entry.

I have been wanting a new pair of red shorts for ages.  I have a RTW pair that are a smidge on the small side, so I don't wear very often, but I wish that I could.  This medium weight cotton is from The Fabric Store and is a perfect weight for shorts.  I bought the same fabric in yellow as well.

The pattern is from Patrones magazine #338, style 15 (Freesoul Shorts).

The button is another from from jar of Liberty buttons.

I used Liberty tana lawn for the pocket lining.

I didn't muslin these, so I left off the welt pockets (I don't want to mess around with welt pockets if the whole thing is not going to work out).  I should have made a muslin, but competition deadlines and all, I was in a hurry.  I also left off the belt loops, as a style preference.

I changed the waistband pattern piece to be a single continuous length, rather than separate front and back bands.  This is the way I sew my jeans and I really like it.  Of course, it is hard to make adjustments later, but I just tweak the hip fit before I sew the waistband on.

This will be my go-to shorts pattern from now.  The cut feels more RTW than some of my other shorts patterns.  I think the front crotch curve and shape of the inner leg seam is the difference.


  1. Gorgeous colour and I love the squared off top stitching for the zip. They look good.

  2. Cute! I love the color. And I love the way you stitched the fly, too.

  3. For such a simple classic pair of shorts, they have some gorgeous subtle details that would, I imagine, be delightful to wear.

  4. Love these shorts - the colour is just so happy! They look pretty great considering zero muslining!