Sudoku Wardrobe Entry

You can see my Sudoku Wardrobe Entry over at Pattern Review, but I thought I would post the pictures here as well.

Here is my grid.

10 items in the grid had to be sewn in the competition time frame.  I will do follow-up posts with details of the individual garments. The remaining items could be purchased or be previous makes.

Column Outfits

Row Outfits

Diagonal Outfits

You can see all the entries here.


  1. What a fabulous wardrobe you've created. Everything mixes and matches really well. My favourite is the brown pants and black top.

  2. Awesome! I love all the floral tops.

  3. Haha I love the idea of a sudoku wardrobe! I'm terrible at sudoku with numbers, perhaps I'd be better with clothes. Probably not though, requires more dressing (and sewing) discipline than I have.

    Anyway the thing that strikes me about your wardrobe piccies is how clear your own personal style shows. It's lovely.

  4. I think this was quite an epic challenge, well done on getting it finished in time and all with pieces that work together without compromising your style.