Blue / Grey Jeans

Jeans seemed like a pretty versatile piece to add into a Sudoku wardrobe.

I made this pair using my self drafted and much tweaked pattern from last year.

The fabric is a poly/cotton/lycra blend from EmmaOneSock.  This is the first time I have made jeans with poly in them, and I must admit that I don't love the feel of the fabric on as much as a cotton/lycra blend.  I like the colour though.

For the back pocket, I utilised the selvedge for decoration instead of embroidery.

I also used the selvedge for the belt loops.

I did use a fancy stitch to top-stitch the front pockets.

This is them on.

There are more wrinkles in the back then I was expecting.  Probably because the jeans ended up tighter fitting than I expected.  I'm still having trouble adjusting my pattern for the amount of stretch in the denim.  I think that not all stretch is the same.  Even if the same square of fabric stretches as far as another fabric, they can still behave differently.  I ended up making the lower legs of these ones skinnier than my previous pairs, more in line with the close fitting upper leg.


  1. I think jeans are always wrinkly, if you look at rtw. I always thought that was part of their charm! I love the look on you. They also look very comfortable.

  2. I wish I could remember what my pattern making teacher told me about eliminating wrinkles. It may be the picture but some of the wrinkles look like static rather than fitting issues.

  3. Jeans are always going to be a great wardrobe addition. I really like the use of the selvedge as trim, clever!