Burda 6632

Continuing on with my Sudoku Wardrobe entries.

I had been wanting to draft a sleeveless top with shoulder pleats for ages, when I saw Burda 6632 on sale for just a couple of dollars.  It seemed to have a lot of the details I was looking for.  When I made it up though (without a muslin because the competition deadline was looming) I was disappointed because it seemed to have a lot of unnecessary volume and quite swamped me.  

I made the following changes to improve things;
- I took the side seams in about an inch on each side. 
- I took the shoulders in a bit.
- I tried shaping the hem, and then raising the hem, and it still didn't look right, so I added a wide shirring elastic to the hem.
- I lowered the armholes.  Possibly a tad too much, but I prefer my armholes a little lower as it makes the top cooler and more comfortable to wear.

I love this shirring elastic.  Sadly, the place where I bought it has closed down and I don't know where to get any more.


Now that I have completed my entry and started mixing these clothes in with my wardrobe, this top has actually become one of my favourites.  I think this is mostly due to the fun print and the beautiful feel of this Cotton + Steel rayon challis.


  1. your version of this pattern is really pretty and I like the shorter hemline. I made this pattern and thought it was too oversized also. I might repeat it now that I've seen your version. lovely fabric too.

  2. I love these sort of tops especially the way you've done the shirring at the waist - I always forget about shirring but it's such a good idea when a sleeve or waist is too voluminous! I love your fabric too - that rayon challis drapes as nicely as silk!

  3. That's a nice pattern with your changes. I love the shirring at the waist. I get shirring elastic at spotlight and Trad's has coloured shirring elastic also - probably not very helpful as you aren't in Brisbane. Let me know if you want some and I'll send it to you.

    1. I have just noticed that elastic is not normal shirring elastic as I know it.. sorry. I have never seen that before.

    2. Thanks Summer Flies! I know how busy you are, so that was a very generous offer.

  4. Looks like a perfect summer top to me, the elastic in the hem looks really good, such a small simple change that makes a big difference.