Stylearc Ebony Woven Pant

I love asymmetrical details, so the Stylearc Ebony Woven Pant caught my eye as soon as it was released.  I already have so many patterns that I try to hold off buying new ones, but when I brought home this Scanlan and Theodore remnant from The Fabric Store, I thought the drape would lend itself beautifully to the Ebony.

The photos that I took for the Sudoku challenge did not really show the detail of the pants, so here is another outfit.

The photos from the challenge.

My pattern alterations were as follows
- I took the sides in, possibly in an attempt to reduce my pear-ness by wearing tighter pants and looser tops? They still look quite baggy through the leg.
- I changed one of the directions of the folds of the main pleat, because I thought the original line drawing indicated that, and I preferred it to the way the directions said to sew the pleat. 
- I made a fit alteration for knock knees to the backs and one of the fronts...somehow I forgot to do the other front and then couldn't work out why my seam lengths didn't match up.  I think I overdid this alteration a bit, which is why I have all the wrinkles radiating from the knee.  This was my first time sewing a stylearc pants pattern, and it may take a few goes to get the alterations right.

I haven't had a good go at working these pants into my wardrobe yet.  I'm sure I will come up with better combos once I get a chance to play around with the style a bit.


  1. Cute pants, with the asymmetrical front pleating and slouchy look. I'll bet they are super comfortable to wear.

  2. They look fantastic. I think you should make a pair in lightweight denim too.