My Quilt

I have been long overdue for a new quilt.  I still love my last one, made from dress fabric remnants, but some squares are so worn that the fabrics are getting shiny.

The quilt design is loosely based on Elizabeth Hartman's wonky crosses, though, looking back at the original tutorial, my crosses are a lot less wonky.

This new quilt top is made from quilting fabrics, with a cotton linen blend for the pale blue background fabric.  I made the top a few months ago, and then decided that the cotton linen that I bought for the backing was too heavy.  I was going to make a fancy back with the quilting cotton leftovers, but somehow, this project trickled down to the bottom of the pile.  I guess you know how that happens!

Last week I saw a grey and white spotted cotton sheet on sale in Target, and decided that finished was better than perfect.  In the spirit of finishing quickly, the quilting is just parallel lines.  Well, reasonably parallel lines, if there is such a thing as "reasonably parallel".

The overall look and feel of the quilt is peaceful and serene, which is what I was aiming for.


  1. Peaceful and serene is exactly how I would describe it, so I think you met your goal! It's lovely and looks very nice and welcoming and very spring like.

  2. It's gorgeous! Love the colors.

  3. I think you have achieved your goal - very peaceful and serene looking. Great idea about the sheet!

  4. It's just beautiful Katherine. The colours look fabulous. E x

  5. This is gorgeous!! I love that the colors are soft but not too sweet.

  6. Beautiful! I have a quilt top around here somewhere and you are making me want to get it out. This is lovely!