I have been off in my own sewing la-la land for so long that current fashions have not fed into my inspirations for quite a while.  I am not an island though, and I like staying up with fashions, even if I don't wear them, so in the holidays I picked up a US Instyle magazine and sat down to enjoy a peaceful hour flicking through the pages. Not for long though.  I was quite taken with the grommets turning up in clothing and immediately put the magazine down and headed for the fabric stash (I haven't got back to the magazine yet...now it is lost in the paper piles in my house).  Grommets used to just appear alongside leather, or in corsetry, but now they are turning up in all sorts of garments and fabrics.

Of course, it helped that I had just bought a lot of dies and hardware for my DK-98 snap press.  I had bought the grommet die and grommets with the intention of making bags, but with me, it always comes back to clothing in the end.

I bought dies for a few different snaps, grommets and rivets from dot-gas.  With the handling charges and the shipping charges and the lower Aussi dollar, they turned out to be quite expensive.  However, I have always been frustrated that my snap press was only good for one type of snap, so I don't regret my purchase.  We all know that sewing is not cheaper than RTW, don't we?  I'll just have to stick grommets and snaps on everything to bring the price per application down.

The sketch below was my starting idea, though you will see that I added more grommets, as well as adding splits to the front and back necklines. I also added a horizontal seam across the CF, so that I could line the entire upper section, rather than just use a facing, because my fabric was semi-sheer.  I interfaced the lining.

Front view.  I did resist the urge to tun this into a flared top, but now I'm wondering if it would look better with a bit of flare.

The print is a rather busy, but this side view shows some of the seaming detail.

 Grommets in the back.

The fabric is a linen viscose woven and appears to be still available from EmmaOneSock.


  1. You've created a gorgeous interpretation of a trend. Nope, doesn't need more flare. Perfect as is.

    Envy your acquisition of the press.

  2. I love the grommet trend too, although I doubt I'll get to it in time. Remember I just made a Lonsdale! I don't think it needs any flare at all and I love how it looks around your shoulders. Nice fabric.

  3. I wish Emma One Sock's product images were better. Either I don't have a very good imagination, or the listing left something to be desired...because this top is stunning!

  4. Where's Wallace? Seriously though, I love the effect and your base fabric is gorgeous!

  5. Now you've got me wanting another tool... I tried setting grommets in my husband's jacket with one of those small tools designed to work with a hammer, and they were terrible.

  6. I adore your sewing la-la land, and see what comes out of it! Your top is lovely, with the grommets giving a perfect level of nod to current trends.

  7. REALLY great lines and interesting use of the grommets. I think this looks fresh and cool and very on trend.

  8. This is fantastic. Seriously! I love all the interesting seaming and the grommets are really inspired. Very, very cool top!

  9. What an great use of grommets. I haven't see anything like it before. And the style lines of the top are unique and flattering. Instyle is my quick fashion fix. I like to pick up the UK version at the bookstore too once in a while.