Track Pants

When everyone was making their Hudsons and their Animas earlier this year, I wanted a pair too, but I didn't feel like splashing out on a pattern for elastic waisted pants, so I hunted through my pattern collection for something that would work.

I ended up starting with Jalie 2914, a men's pattern for gymnastics longs.  It had the tapered legs I was looking for and was not too high waisted.  I cut off the legs at the ankles  and added a cuff.

Gymnastics Pants and Shorts Pattern (Boys' and Men's)

I borrowed the waistband and pocket details from Burda 5/2011 #128.

I'm pretty happy with how they turned out.  I made the pockets out of a white sports mesh, which peeks out a little bit.  I'll have to fix that up before next winter and I need to replace the drawstring with one that doesn't slip out quite so easily. 

Now I can spend my pattern pennies on a more complicated design...I've been inspired by some Marfy projects popping up in the blogs, so a Marfy order may just be part of my near future.


  1. These are lovely and I wholeheartedly agree with saving the precious pattern pennies for something more difficult than (basically) track pants! The pockets are a really nice shape.

  2. I love the snug fit from this pattern. Nothing worse than baggy trackie pants.

  3. I agree it is difficult to spend money on basics but I find these patterns tend to get the most use! Your pants are a great fit so your decision was very much justified!

  4. I just spent the bucks on the anima pattern, but it was my birthday gift to myself. Instead of replacing the drawstring just put a line of stitching over the back seamline over the drawstring. It will still work fine but not slip out. :)