Black cotton cami

This is another of my made-while-visiting-relatives-no-pattern makes. 

The cotton fabric was purchased from The Fabric Store in Brisbane.  I cut bias panels and basted them together - 4 pieces for the front and 4 for the back.  I then tried it on and adjusted the seams to create shaping over the bust and at the side seams. 

I used folded strips of the fabric for straps and bindings.

I gathered triangular pieces to fit in the zig-zags at the bottom edge.

I used a selvedge as hem.


  1. Ok, that is pretty amazing that you just made that up from scratch! Very cool!

  2. Very clever! I love all the features of this top. Looks very cool and comfortable.

  3. Love it. I love the way it is all pieced together. Was there anything left of the fabric? It looks as if it was a very economical pattern.

  4. Love it too. My daughter wants me to make something very similar, and I'm inspired by the shapes you created.

  5. Great piecing. You can't go past black.