Summery Tee

 I really loved the colours of the stripes in this fabric and I so much wanted it to be a dress.  Just a simple tank style dress.  The fabric is a hemp blend with very little recovery, and I didn't think it would hold its shape very well in a dress, so at the very last moment, I went with a t-shirt.  I think this was the right decision, because the fabric stretched out whilst I was binding it and didn't recover, and the whole thing has ended up a little stretched out, leaving me with a neckline that is a little lower and wider than I was intending.

I cut the pattern off a casual RTW t-shirt that I like.  It is difficult to see, but there are small gathers in the front shoulder.  The sleeves are a little floppy, but I don't know if this is a problem with the fabric or my rub-off method.  Sleeves are always the tricky bit.

I have another hemp knit, so I will get the chance to apply my learnings from this shirt to another garment.


  1. Don't be so harsh Kathryn. I always struggle to get the neckline to fit regardless of fabric! The neck looks great. The necklace fits the wide deep neckline beautifully.
    Have a lovely Christmas and New Year.

  2. I love the fabric texture and colours and the t-shirt design looks perfect on you. I can't see any problem with the neckline!

  3. Well despite the stretch recovery problem (or lack of) its not showing in your photos and the hemp fabric looks lovely. You are on a sewing roll and making some lovely new clothes.