Papercut Patterns

Last week I had a quick trip to Brisbane and I finally got a chance to visit The Fabric Store, where I discovered the New Zealand patterns "Papercut Patterns".  So funky!  I bought a couple of patterns straight away and one of my sisters bought another couple, with plans that we will swap and have a very groovy wardrobe indeed.  I think we bought most of the Spring Summer Collection between us.

Since I am on a knit binge this week, I made up the Oh La Leggings.  These ones are from a thin fabric, so they will be worn under dresses which will not show the interesting design lines, but I will definitely make this one again in a heavier fabric for sportswear.

Since this is a new pattern company, I will post a review at PR and put some more details here.

Fabric:  I can't remember the content of this one.  I think it might be viscose.  Very stretchy.  Doesn't hold stitches very well.  I should have tied off my overlocker threads as all the seams are unravelling!

Sizing:  The size chart is on the pattern sheet.  I would have liked them to be included with the pattern instructions, as I read through these when preparing to sew something.    I fell between a S and an M.  I cut the M, but I took them in at the knees, the ankles and the front waist section, so maybe I should have cut an S for such stretchy fabric.

On the pattern my sister made, she ran into a bit of trouble because the finished measurements weren't printed on the pattern and she is a little on the short side.

Instructions:  The instructions come in a little booklet.  I had no problems with them.  The patterns are printed on brown paper in multiple sizes.  I used an overlocker for the seams and my coverstitch machine for the topstitching.  1 cm seam allowances are included in the pattern.

Alterations: I did have to shorten them a little.  I put cuffs on the bottoms instead of hemming, because I thought that cuffs suited my fabric better.  I took them in behind the knees, which was easy to do because of the seam that ran down the back of the leg.  I took them in at the ankles.  I messed up sewing the fronts.  I marked the fabric but these marks didn't show when I went to sew and I forged ahead regardless.  The seams didn't go together right.  I cut off the overlocking instead of unpicking, but then the seams didn't match because the curved seams meant that the seams lengths changed with this cutting.  I fiddled and fussed and then added a seam to the CF of the waist section, which ended up improving the fit for me anyway.

The only problem I have with this pattern company is that their unique packaging means that the patterns don't fit nicely into my new pattern organisational system.  Sigh.

I also bought a pants / shorts pattern and a top / dress pattern.  Hopefully I will get to these soon so I can share some more of this exciting new pattern company with you!


Christy said...

Cool, can't wait to see what else you make.

poppykettle said...

ooh nice! I've been eyeing off this pattern in the thought of making them into a pair of gym pants. The lines are super cool. Love the colour and look of yours :) Thanks for the info too!

melissa said...

oooh the seaming is just AWESOME on these! I'm always on the lookout for good patterns for running leggings. I'm resisting the urge to buy this pattern RIGHT NOW. Thanks for the review!!

Gabrielle said...

VERY cool leggings, and glad to hear of this pattern company... lots to like!

Mary Nanna said...

You are getting great use out of that coverstitch! Nice leggings, too cool to cover. I am looking forward to seeing some new patterns from the woman at Papercut patterns - so far, nothing new for the new season, so I wonder how things are panning out for her.

I will work for Fabric said...

Wow I love the leggings, so tempted but I dont think a regular old sewing machine would quite do it justice.

Carolyn said...

Very cool! All the seaming looks quite complex. You did a wonderful job. And I'm curious about the pattern company now... and their "unique packaging" that you mentioned; most intriguing. I've never seen them here.

Amy said...

Oh these are cool. I have a few leggings patterns I've tried but none with interesting seaming. And those patterns have such cool packaging--I'd totally be lured in by that alone.

papercut patterns said...

Wow these look great! I love that you put a cuff on the bottom. Well done making them out of a two way stretch, mine are made out of NZ Merino which is just one way stretch and much easier to work with.
Can't wait to see what you do with my other patterns :)
Katie @ Papercut Patterns

Joy said...

I always like hearing about new pattern companies. These are very cool looking leggings. The would look great as sportswear, too.