Vogue 1261 again

I have made another version of Vogue 1261.  I should make this one my last as these oversized tops are not working for me.  It did give me the chance to practise some more on my coverstitch machine, mostly by topstitching the seams.

These shots were a bit of a dress up moment...it is still way too hot to dress like that here.

It has taken me about 2 years to knit the scarf in these photos.  I do love the colour.

I did attempt binding the neckline with the coverstitch machine, but this also did not work out for me.  I did give up rather easily though, thinking that I would wait for a fabric that liked to be folded into shape.  This one was sort of spongy and recalcitrant.  Instead, I followed the Vogue instructions for the binding and topstitched the result, trimming back the excess.


  1. You're giving that new cover stitch machine a workout :) Love the colour.

  2. The first photo made me think that the scarf and top were the same color. The color is great, and I like the shape of your shirt.

  3. Beautiful colours - go coverstitch! I am sure you'll whip those bindings into shape soon. (I have looked into buying a coverstitch and I was told by the woman at the shop not to bother with a binding attachment it is too hard to make it work accurately- she said in industry they have a binder set up permanently on just the right setting which is impossible for a home sewer. )

  4. Love the easy glamour of this top. I have the pattern and definitely want to make it up soon.