Coverstitch Machine

My new coverstitch machine turned up on Monday.  I have been sewing up a frenzy since then, learning how to use it, so I have lots of garments to share with you.  Just starting with a quick post.

A whole lot of little "man jocks".  This is how it all started.  I got out my old coverstitch machine, that I bought second hand off ebay a few years ago.  It has always been a bit hit and miss.  I thought that I had better sit down and work out how to get it to perform or get rid of it.  I rounded up my knit scraps for some underpants sewing...perfect for practising technique.  I made 8 samples.  Yes EIGHT samples.  They all worked fine.  Then I went to sew the real thing and it messed up.  So off I went to buy a new one.  I did a bit of google research, as I couldn't find a machine to test drive at any of the local dealers (though I later found out that Spotlight had the machine I bought on the floor, even though they told me that they didn't when I rang them up).  And now I own a Brother 2340cv.

The hems worked perfectly the first time.  And the second.  And the third.  And the fourth, fifth and sixth times.  What a huge relief.  Then I flatlocked all the elastic.  I did line up the elastic so that there was excess fabric to trim after...can't get too cocky too quickly!  Though possibly I would always need to do this.  I reckon that I would need some sort of special foot to be able to line up elastic on the edge of the fabric and sew.

This elastic was fabulous.  I bought it from elingeria a while back.  The grooves in the elastic lined up perfectly with the needles on my machine and the machine foot is clear, which made it easy to sew into the grooves of the elastic.  I even sewed the ends of the elastic together with the coverstitch machine, as I was too lazy to set up my regular machine (sewing on the dining table currently).

Fabric:  remnants from stash, elastic from elingeria
Pattern:  available here

The elastic is gathered more than usual for this style of undies because my 7yo has a tiny, little waist, smaller than the Sz 3 pattern that I used for him.

So that was the start, with more exciting projects to follow!

BTW I have had a few computer problems lately and had to reload my operating system and all my programs.  I don't seem to have the same photo editing capability now in Windows.  Not sure what that is all about.  Hopefully I will sort it out and be able to edit my photos again soon.


  1. Those undies look good. The money you must save. This is timely as I may get a cover stitch machine but I am thinking to buy it off Amazon.. they are so cheap but I need to see if anyone else has to make sure you actually get it. Haven't checked about warranty yet either.

  2. Those turned out great! What pattern is it? -- I'm guessing Jalie.

    My DH is appalled, but I use MS Paint to edit my pictures, with much success. I used to use Paint Shop Pro 8, but it won't work with Windows 7 (I haven't tried to fix it, either).

  3. You can never have too many pairs of undies for kids and they look pretty cool. I've been thinking about purchasing a cover stitch machine for a while, but can't just yet. I'm really looking forward to seeing what else you've been making with yours.

  4. A coverstitch machine is next on my list. Looks like you've put it to good use already.

  5. I have the same coverstitch machine! I haven't made my boys undies yet, but I have some knit scraps calling my name.