Surf Version

Last year, I muslined Fehr Trade's surf to summit top.  I put a lot of effort into it but stopped short of perfection when end-of-year stuff got too busy. 

I took my muslin on holidays to the beach to test it out in the surf.  I needed to make more changes!  I needed to tighten it up a lot.  I would take the seams in, go back to the beach, come home, take the seams in again.  I did this 3  or 4 times over....very conservative adjustments as I am not comfortable with tight fitting clothes generally.  I especially had to narrow the sleeves.  I was bodysurfing at Noosa, and every single time I caught a wave, my sleeves would get pushed up past my elbows.

With the holidays over, I was in no rush to change my pattern and make another version, but...PR is having an active wear competition.  This has motivated me to get the pattern and muslin out again.  Here is my next version.

I still need to make some slight changes around the neck, but I am much happier with this version.  I am especially happy with the fit through the back, which was loose and floppy before.

I stuck to my folded over band neckline, as I think it holds up better for bodysurfing, and I changed my darted sleeve to a 2 piece sleeve.

I used the curved back hemline.  I overlocked the bottom edge without hemming...this is a method I have seen in RTW surf tops.  It may sound like a cop out, but I did adjust the settings on my overlocker and sew test strips in order to get my most beautiful stitch!


  1. Wow, you have to be happy with that! It's a great fit. Looks like you've been busy sewing again!... lots to see. I also just overlock the hem after seeing so many RTW clothes selling it as a design feature. I prefer to finish properly but quick and acceptable wins out most times.

  2. What a great fit you have achieved - looks great!

  3. You really should consider starting your own sports wear label.

  4. The fabric combination is great and the fit is spot in.