Patrones skirt with side panels and horizontal darts

I love the shocking pink fabric in this skirt, and the patrones pattern is really interesting...but in my love for them both, I didn't realise that deep down I wanted a longer skirt for this fabric.  The skirt is wearable, but it is not the magnificence I was hoping for.

The patrones skirt (I will find the number and put it in here later) has side panels. There are pockets sewn into the panel seams, which is pretty cool.

The front horizontal darts are cool, but they don't really match my shape.  I think maybe I could have left off the bottom dart.  The light pink dots actually look grey in real life.

 I compared the pattern to my sloper, but I didn't make a muslin.  I ended up having to take the side panels in quite a bit, because the fabric is so stretchy, which has made my use of the reverse side of the fabric for the panels just look like a bit of a mistake. 

I chose to use a wide elastic for the skirt waist facing, which I think was the right decision, given the stretchiness of the fabric, but it doesn't look nicely finished on the inside.  There is an invisible zipper at the back. 

The colour makes this skirt fun, and I will wear it, but I am not likely to use this pattern again.


  1. Pretty in pink :) What a shame you are not happy with it but it still looks a great skirt!

  2. It looks pretty good on and what nice fabric! Its' a great match with the t-shirt.

  3. Sorry about the problems you had with the skirt. Looks great in the pics!

  4. You don't look happy at all ! I like it, maybe after a wash or two it will get better. Everything with pockets is so much fun!

  5. But that pocket is really cool. Maybe put it in the magic closet for a while?

  6. Well, sadly you're not happy with it (It looks great in the photos, but if you wanted it longer you wanted it longer, hey, I get that!) but you've just given me a great idea on how to actually execute the waistband of a skirt I'm planning to make. Wide elastic. Why didn't I think of that!
    Thanks :-)