Top Cortefiel

An unusually successful sewing weekend for me...3 quick makes; yesterday's skirt, today's t-shirt and some pyjama pants, yet to be photographed.  All from Patrones.  I am totally out of tracing paper and have had to resort to baking paper.

I sewed this one out of interest, more so than a love of the finished product.  The sleeve seam is unlike any pattern that I have used before.

I have styled it with yeterday's skirt, just because that is what I was wearing at the time, but possibly it would look better with something more closely fitted, as it is quite boxy.


I think the pattern calls for crepe for the upper section and knit for the lower sections.  I made mine all in the one fabric.  This seemed a bit of a waste of the interesting seaming, so I played around with the back design a little.  I widened the upper edge of the lower back, planning on having a cowl below a slit in the back seam.  My fabric did not drape very well, so I ended up pleating out the extra width and leaving the slit.

I have long suspected Patrones of using RTW clothing in their photos. Sometimes the finishes and stitches do not look particularly home sewn.  Sometimes I think I can see a dart on the clothing that is not in the pattern, or vice versa.  Occasionally, it even looks as though there might be a tag on the clothing.  I can't say for certain, but I can say, that the neckline on the model could not possibly be achieved using the pattern I traced off.  The neck was a tight jewel neck before I significantly lowered it and widened it.  I also shortened the sleeves by about 4 cm and took in the sides a bit, as I am between sizes.

So, not feeling the love for the final product, but it is okay and I have tried something new.


  1. Your version look much better than theirs, and yep, I too suspect they are using RTW clothes to take the photos! Sometimes the patterns are ok, but sometimes they don´t!

  2. It's an interesting top pattern and I like the fabric you used! Clothes photographed in Patrones are RTW, as in La Mia Boutique, definitely. Thank you for reviewing Patrones garments, there are so few on the internet and I'm always interested.

  3. So sorry you're not feeling love because it is lovely! The blouse looks great with your skirt as well.

  4. I really like this top. Pretty fabric and that back slit is such a nice detail. Looks great with your skirt too.

  5. Gosh that's nice. Your fabric choices are always so perfect and I like the seam opening at the back.

  6. I actually love how this turned out! Too bad the pattern was mis-represented - that seems crazy that the pattern company is using slightly different RTW pieces for their photography!

  7. You made a cute top, no matter what the intention of the pattern was... ;-)

    It's a long time I last had a patrones, but the used to name the RTW companies with the pattern. And my impression also has often been, that the pattern is not exactely what the picture shows.

    Only this year someone who is working in pattern making (for another company) told me, that some companies just rip apart RTW clothes and put them on a scanner, to make the pattern. I don't know if patrones is one of those companies, but it would explain quite a lot...

    1. That would be an interesting approach. I guess they would still have to digitize and grade the pattern. The patrones patterns often have some little interesting twist, so at least they are choosing interesting RTW clothes to copy.

  8. I like it too.. you do have a great eye for prints - it looks perfect with a denim skirt. I recently saw a top such as you were aiming for with the cowl on the back (can't remember where no - RTW I think) and I thought it was an interesting back.