Casual Vogue 1344

Vogue 1344 is such a casual dress style that I was surprised that Vogue picked it up.  Casual pull-on dresses suit my lifestyle though, so I sewed it up in this gorgeous green rayon print.  I don't especially like rayon, because it feels a lot less crisp and fresh than its cotton counterparts, especially in this climate, but I love the colour.  The contrast sleeves are made in a knit.  The pattern does not specify a knit, but it was the best co-coordinating fabric I had on hand. 

Several months ago, my daughter and I made necklaces to sell at the local markets.  One of the ones that didn't sell just happened to match this dress perfectly.

I will admit that the dress is a little frumpy.  Even the RTW version looks frumpy on a skinny model.

I didn't make a muslin, but I did a quick tissue fit on my dummy to take out a SBA.  I had pinned out 4 cm of length through the bodice, which is typical for me and Vogue, but the waist line ended up way above my waist so I put it back in.  Lucky I did take a few minutes to tissue fit.


I made the bodice lining out of a lightweight cotton.  I probably could have even lengthened the front bodice a little more.

I decided that I didn't need the dress bodice to be much fuller than the lining, so I folded out 2 of the front pleats before cutting out the front bodice.

I didn't want any extra fullness at the back either, so I used the lining + facing instead of the back bodice pattern piece.

Quick shot of the back...not the most flattering, but you can see the fullness at the back.

I omitted the skirt lining and lengthened the skirt and overlay by about an inch.

Can you see the mangos on the tree behind me?  We are not far off mango & ginger jam season!


  1. Nice! That colour suits you. I don't think it's frumpy at all-it looks like a comfy day-dress for getting stuff done in. Good idea removing the excess ease off the top bit-it looks good as it is now.

  2. Nice dress!! I don't comment much but for some reason, I feel that I'm often attracted to the same patterns that you are using (Hi Twinkle Sews from 3 years ago!) and it really helps me decide if I should use the pattern or not. For instance, I had this pattern cut out on my table 3 weeks ago and I got too concern about the "frumpiness" factor so I let it go. Thanks for the review!!!

  3. I love the stripy sleeves and the necklace is fantastic. This is a cute little dress and I'm sure you'll wear it a lot - that's the best kind of dress really. I'm jealous of those mangos!

  4. Great make! Flattering and looks really comfy to wear. So jealous of the mango trees!!

  5. I'm also a big fan of pull-on dresses! I've had this pattern for awhile and have been wanting to make it. Your version is lovely, and thank you for sharing your construction notes! I also don't think it looks frumpy at all!

  6. This looks like one of those dresses that are just lived in. I am sure it will get lots if wear. I love the colours you have chosen.

  7. I think it looks great and I love the contrast stripes with the green. It doesn't look frumpy at all. Very similar to a dress I am making at the moment (trying to finish that should be). I wish I could find cute rayon like that because that is my favourite fabric. We are hearing there is a mango disease so stocks will be low, which means expensive... so very envious of your mangos.

  8. Looks cool and comfy and light to wear - perfect for where you are! Send a few mangoes this way!

  9. I love it - not too full at all, but rather casual and cool! Glad to see you back!

  10. Oh this is not frumpy at all--I love blousy and drapey, especially in the summer. I'm convinced that rayon wicks better than cotton, too. Totally unscientific, but on a hot day if I have to choose it's always rayon. Anyways, this is really pretty and I love the contrasting bindings!

  11. Not frumpy - very Yoshi Jones. Please post a how to on the necklace.

    1. Hello Gail,

      If you type "fabric necklace tutorial" into Google it will bring up a lot of tutorials for similar necklaces. I can't remember which one I actually used.