Rock Star Skinny Jeans

Last Friday, I pulled a crumpled note out of the bottom of my son's school bag, asking for him to dress as a rock star for a rendition of an Alice Cooper song at his school concert, on Monday.  He outgrew all of his jeans months ago and I have been promising him new ones, either made or bought, for a long time now.  This was the push I needed to get on with it.

I used a pattern from Burdastyle 11/2010, though I left off the coin pocket and the zips on the back pockets.  The denim is a beautiful quality stretch denim, which I bought for myself, but have not used because I was given a pair of black jeans that fit me great.  I used black top-stitching thread.     I would have liked to use black rivets and a black button, but I only had silver.

I didn't have a black zip either.  I modified the pattern to have an adjustable waist band. I'm glad I did this, because even though the pattern was for 65 cm hips, and his hips measure 63 cm, I still needed to pull that elastic in quite a bit.

The fit through the legs is skinny.  This makes a nice change, as many children's pattern are very roomy.  I intentionally made them long...jeans take a bit of work and I want them to last for a bit.

This is a great pattern.  Actually, the whole children's feature in this magazine is fabulous. 


  1. And these jeans are fabulous as well. Bravo to you for being such a creative and sweet mom. Hope he has fun.

  2. Awesome rockstar jeans. I love the blue zip. The metallic t shirt looks great too.

    Your adjustable waistband elastic is a good addition. I am not entirely convinced that the hips of pre adolescent boys are actually made of bone, as judging from the netherly tendency of all my son's shorts and trousers the entire hip region must be very slippery and change dimension frequently ;).

    1. The metallic shirt was from a dance concert costume several years ago. See how worn it is? It is surprising how often a metallic t-shirt comes in handy!

  3. Katherine
    I've just finished reading this blog back to the first post. I must say you have a delightful sense of humor, a wonderful writing style and an adventurous spirit. I love that you've tackled so many styles and fabrics and shared your success as well as the... umm... others. I look forward to reading your future posts.

  4. Great looking skinny jeans! I think my boys have outgrown all my Burdastyle kids' patterns, unfortunately.

  5. You're an awesome and very stylish mum. They rock.

  6. You've done well with these! Nothing home made about them.

  7. Super-cool jeans. My boys would love these! I have recently received the 'One Lovely Blog Award / The Very Inspiring Blogger Award' and would like to pass it on to you for your lovely blog. Happy New Year :)

  8. Such cool jeans and they look so well made! I'm pretty sure my skinny leg son would love a pair of these...

  9. What great rock star jeans - cool looking and great for skinny boy legs! You son is lucky he has you for his mum... if my son had done this I might have been tempted to go for black leggings instead as the easier option :-)

    PS I thought I had commented on these a while back but the comment isn't there - sorry, I think I've been losing lots of comments over the past few weeks!