Peplum shorts

The peplum trend is so big right now...almost weird in its ubiquity!  Why now?  Y'know, I don't remember anybody getting that excited over SJP's peplum dress in the first S$x in the City movie, and that was only a few years ago.  Anyway, I decided that my take on this trend would be an everyday-wear item, rather than a dress that would only get worn a couple of times.

(I'm very short on time at the moment...so running with the theory that lousy photos and a quick post are better than no post and a forgotten project).

Pattern:  I started with Marfy 0293.  I lowered the front waistband, so that it was 8-9 cm lower than the back, similar to RTW jeans that I own.  I then drafted a peplum, starting about halfway across the fronts and splitting at the back.  

Fabric:  Stretch cotton from EmmaOneSock.  I have been avoiding stretch wovens these last few years, but I did love the colour of this.  I stabilised the waistband with a quilting cotton, but the shorts stretch out a lot during wear, around the hips and crotch.  I don't know whether to take them in or not?  They fit pretty snugly when I first put them on.

I have only worn them twice so far, and have not worked out how best to style them yet.  The double whammy of bright colour and peplum detail is making it a little hard for me to choose the best tops.  One quick photo though, to show you how the peplum sits.


  1. oh they are super cute! I love the colour you chose too. So bright and fun.

  2. I loove the bright yellow. Such a great colour on you! Can't go wrong with a great shorts pattern like this one either :) Gorgeous!

  3. These are so cute, the peplum, the color, everything. I wonder how they would look with a solid color fitted tee shirt?

  4. CUH-YUTE!!!!
    Prolly close-fitting cami-type/sleeveless simple tees would be easiest to style with them? Keep the fit close to the body on top and at waist to show the peplum to best effect?

  5. Wow - what an unusual design - I love how adventurous you are with pattern choices - and no doubt in your climate having multiple style options for shorts is a very good thing...

  6. The half peplum takes these shorts well above the ordinary. Wish I could still wear shorts.