Birthday Morning

The anticipation of opening presents as soon as you wake up is one of the best bits about birthdays.  There is often quite a bit of poking of brothers and sisters to get them to wake up for the present opening.  Only this year, we were out of town unexpectedly right up until the eve of my daughter's birthday.  We had planned presents to buy, but there was nothing to actually open...so into the sewing room I went.

I took in one of her favourite RTW to copy.  It was a woven tee with cut-on sleeves and an exposed zipper at the back.  She liked this top for its drapiness, and was not especially taken with the exposed zipper, so I left the sipper off my version.  The original feels like rayon and the closest fabric I had in stash was a silk left over from one of my dresses.  The neck is bound with self fabric bias binding and the sleeves are turned up cuffs.

The cute tights are Metallicus and the skirt has been blogged here.


  1. That fabric made up into a very pretty top. I love the spotty tights. I used to love making cute things for my daughter as well...now she makes her own!

    Happy Birthday to your daughter. She shares her birthday with me and my husband!

  2. Happy Birthday to your beautiful daughter. Love the top and tights.

  3. Her new top is very stylish! I hope she enjoyed her birthday even though it was so different to usual...

  4. Perfect top for a tweeny - a bit grown up but not too much so. Tell her happy birthday from blogland.

  5. Oh she's lovely. I still love getting birthday presents in the morning, too ;).