This is not a to-do list

I've been away from home for a few weeks, which means more thinking about sewing and less actual sewing.  Like many others, I can't seem to stay on track when it comes to sewing (or when it comes to lots of things, really).  This is just a gathering of the inspiration and flow on of some of those ideas.

Big projects
  • Black Chanel Jacket - I have been seduced by the video.  Now I want my own.  I have been gathering supplies, including fabric, lining, trim, buttons, iron-on tape, chain.  Have not decided yet whether to try and drape my own pattern or use an existing one.
  • The Slip Project - started last year.  Put on hold when I moved house.  Paused but not forgotten.
  • Lingerie - drafting my own patterns.  A continuing project that I will work on in July of each year.  It is July now and I have started again for this year.
  • Sloper - earlier this year I started comparing personal slopers drafted using different methods (Aldrich, Bunka, European Cut).  I'm considering this a life-long project.  No immediate hurry.
Fashion - winter
  • I decided to inject some fashionable colours into my wardrobe, which I have done with my yellow skirt, fuscia skirt and orange dress.
  • I decided it was time to embrace the pencil skirt silhouette.  I have completed my yellow skirt, fuscia skirt and have a white skirt in progress.  That should be enough I think.
  • Most winters I add one new knit dress to my wardrobe.  I have a red fabric and a brown one, but can't decide what I want to do with them.
Fashion - summer
  • I'm on the fence with the peplum trend.  I was going to give it a miss, but I saw some interesting interpretations in the runway shows that have piqued my interest.
  • I still have some Twinkle patterns I want to try
  • I have a couple more Papercut patterns to try
  • I have a Conni Crawford blouse pattern.  She came to town last year.  I went to her seminar and tried on one of her patterns.  It was made up in a heavy crepe fabric.  I want to see how well her patterns fit me in a less forgiving fabric.
  • I have many pieces of fabric in my stash that I adore.  Too many to list
 Wardrobe Gaps
  • I need more sturdy shorts (ie not linen)
  • More basic tees
  • Straight leg jeans that don't reveal my underwear when I bend over
  • Cool, summer, sun-smart blouses
  • I have been giving my cover-stitch machine a workout this year, learning how to use it.   I haven't shown you everything yet, but I have been plugging away.  I have done a couple of lycra projects, but need to practice my skills in this area.
  • Tessuti stripes and spots.  Last year's entries were so good that I feel a little intimidated, but I haven't given up on this idea completely yet.
  • PR has a lined jacket contest coming up.  I have fabric, pattern and lining for a lined jacket in my stash, but I don't think this is where my heart lies at the moment.
  • My boys need new jeans.  They have such narrow hips, that even when I buy adjustable jeans, the waist has to be really pulled in and is bulky.  I traced a Burda pattern off last year to make them some.  I have fabric.  Just need to get started, I guess.
So, of course, there is much more there than I could possibly achieve.  Lucky it is not actually a to-do list.


  1. I like the not aspect of your list. It sounds nicely flexible. I have a few of these things on my maybe list too. Why are boy's jeans so wide? I do not want to sew these things but moving out of the adjustable waist sizes for length issues has caused a huge fitting issue.

  2. ooh - PR has a lined jacket competition coming up? Sounds like just my cup of tea!
    haha - not a to do list indeed. I have one of these as well :)

  3. Lists - I reckon they form part of the sewer's brain structure. I'm considering having a top, skirt and trouser sloper made by a dressmaker to take the time and margin for error out of my more enjoyable sewing.

  4. I have a "not a to do" list, too right now. I've decided that if I get to everything on it I will officially declare myself sewing super woman ;). In defense of peplums, I think the length of the actual peplum is what makes it work. It has to hit in the right place and not be too short of too long. And I like them when they are not overly retro, if you know what I mean.

  5. I love this. It sounds a lot like my list. I come back to a lot of things months later. I also have all those drafting books! I was actually thinking of comparing the 3, too--I've drafted the European Cut but never fitted. I like thinking about bras a lot--I've drafted 3 more of my own. I think I like the thinking about and drafting part a whole lot, and then oddly feel sort of finished when I'm done drafting.

  6. Oh yes, I started a "To Do List" which is now my "Can't do list". I haven't got any problems starting i.e. cutting but it's the sewing bit that I can't seem to allocate time. I think I've lost a bit of confidence and I'm not sure why. Housework etc also distracts me.