Stripes and frills

My daughter recently graduated to squad swimming, and I thought that a one-piece might be a little more streamlined than the bikini / t-shirt combination that she had been wearing.  So even though it is the middle of winter, I am sewing swimmers (the pool is heated).

I usually use Stuart's blocks for my children's swimwear, but the link was not working on the day I was sewing these.  So I dug out an old Knitwit pattern that I picked up in an op shop.  I sewed size 8.  She is an average sized 8 yo.

Based on the cover photo, I decided to raise the leg line.  My daughter does find the leg line too high, so this was obviously an unnecessary alteration.  Lucky it is covered by a frill.

I also lowered the armhole and narrowed the straps.

This was to be a quick project, so I was going to sew them up just using the overlocker and my sewing machine, rather than fiddle about using the coverstitch machine for something new.  Well, I ran out of thread half way through stitching down the elastic, and the coverstitch machine was sitting there already threaded, so I moved seats and had a go.  It worked out fine and now I have tried something that I was fearing.

I added frills to the leg opening and the neckline.  The leg ones turned out fine, but I think that I should have added the neck one after the elastic, as turning under the gathered frill and the elastic was little too bulky.

The fabric was from stash, via Spotlight.  I lined the front with lining from Beach Bubble Swimwear.  The elastic is rubber elastic from Glitter and Dance.


  1. Wow those are super cute, I want a pair for me! :)

  2. Very cute! The leg frills look great!

  3. Very pretty!! She'll be the envy of her swim squad.

  4. I'm so impressed with all the swimsuits you make. This one is so cute!

  5. Cute swimsuit. I can't believe your still swimming. A icy this winter in Sydney.

  6. They are very pretty. I haven't been game enough yet to try a one piece, only trunks for my son. It is on my to do list though!