Fun Milly "Try it on" feature

Have you seen this "try it on" feature at Milly NY?

You just upload a picture of yourself.  I didn't upload one of me in my underwear, because who knows where it could end up?  I used this photo of me in my bustier dress.

Then you can select clothes from the Milly Shop, place them over your photo and resize them both horizontally and vertically to fit.    Of course, I can't get it to fit both top half and bottom half at once, but it certainly gives a good idea of colour and shape.  Lots of fun.  Go try it on!

 Looking at the Milly site has always filled me with envy for such beautiful clothes, but now that I have "tried" lots of them on, it has quelled my desire.  Lots of them don't look as good as I imagined, and some patterns and colours are not for me.  It was quicker than drawing croquis and now I can focus on patterns, details and fabrics that I did like.  So far, they only have dresses and swimmers to try on...I hope they expand to include skirts, tops and pants.


  1. Neat. You are right, the best picture of you is in the first dress, the one you already own!

  2. Looks like fun. The first time I looked at this post it didn't include the Milly photos so I didn't actually see your 'dress-ups' before I spoke with you. The green colour looks amazing on you. It's a real stand I think.

  3. Great idea. I think you look great in stripes!

  4. There goes half an hour playing around on Milly....

  5. That's an interesting feature! I was tempted to try it too, but when I went looking I couldn't find a decent front-on pic of myself without big sleeves or something else getting in the way.

    I like the first 2 Milly dresses and the second last one on you. Do you think the colours would look much different in sunshine?

  6. Love the concept. Must try it.