Ugly Bug Ball

I was not-so-secretly delighted when my son decided to go the Ugly Bug Ball as a green ant.  I had seen some ant costumes in a show that I wanted to replicate...you know, the fantasies we hold...

Do you know about green ants?  I didn't know about them until I moved to North Queensland.  They are a really pretty green colour.  They have large green bottoms.  Apparently you can suck the juice out of their bottoms, but this is not something that I have tried.  They stick leaves together to build nests in trees.  You have to watch out for them when cleaning up fallen leaves in case a nest has fallen out of a tree, because they will bite you.

The nice thing about this costume was that it took only 30 minutes to make (not including queuing for fabric) and $3 worth of fabric.  No pattern used.  That's about the perfect level of effort and expenditure for a school costume.


  1. LOL! Great costume. I love kids and their costumes.

  2. My gosh, I am laughing so hard...trying to hold back the tears! That is hilarious. Miles makes such a cute bug. And now for some more green ant facts:
    1. Aborigines grabbed hold of small nests and mashed them between their hands and then inhaled the smell deeply through their nose. This had a similar affect to smelling salts or vicks vapour rub. I've tried this. It really does work.
    2. The liquid in their 'bums' (not the technical term) is high in vitamin C. When they were feeling a bit run down or experiencing cold-like symptoms, they would take a nest and smash it on top of their heads. All the ants would run out and bite them thus injecting them with vitamin C.

  3. wow you really have been rocking up those costumes. you must have earned yourself some serious brownie points now (to be redeemed for fabric, of course!)

    I hope no-one tries to suck the juice out of your son's butt. That would be a good joke gone very very wrong.

  4. too too cute. Does my bum look big in this?

  5. I've never heard of green ants but, judging by the costume, they must be awfully cute.

  6. Very cute! Yes, 30 minutes would be the perfect amount of time... and this looks pretty unique too!