Try as I might, I could not get the whole self-timer thing happening today.  Too dark, too light, too far away, too close.  Patience is not one of my virtues.  It was easier to revert to my bodgy-in-the-mirror shots.  Which is a shame, because they really are the loveliest aprons that I have ever worn.

I completed the patchwork for these aprons so long ago that I can't remember the designer of the fabric.  I bought one of those packs of squares and then filled it out with an Amy Butler print leftover from something-or-other.  I made up two rectangles, originally planning to make an apron for me and another as a gift.

 I bagged out the rectangle, to hide all the patchwork seams.  Then I held it around me and marked where I wanted the pleats, which you can see from the inside view below.  I added a waistband and then ties.  It fits rather well.  How very sewing-nerdy of me to be concerned with the fit of a an apron.

The second apron also fits rather nicely.  Again, I bagged out a rectangle, held it up to me, and marked pleats to fit.  I sewed the ties over the pleats to hold them in place.  The upper sides of the apron are folded under in a traditional BBQ apron shape.  The strap is the perfect length, unlike every other apron that I have.

Now because I am wearing an apron and feeling all very domesticated, I thought I would share a recipe that is a favourite around here at the moment.  It is a recipe for Rocky Road, as I remember making it when I was a child.  It is so yummy, that I keep coming up with excuses as to why my children can't eat it...no, you haven't tidied your room, you've already cleaned your teeth, it's too late, you've had enough sweet things already today...all the more for me.

I pkt marshmallows
1/2 pkt jubes
A handful of almonds
1-2 handfuls of shredded coconut, toasted lightly in a dry frypan
I block of cooking chocolate, melted

 Method:  Combine ingredients in a bowl.  Stir until all ingredients are coated with chocolate.

Transfer to a container lined with baking paper.  Pop in the fridge until set.

Cut into slices or squares.  Most delicious.
 This is my fourth batch since Easter.  Must stop soon.


  1. Heh, I just posted about the patchwork apron I made for my sister! Then I came here and got to admire yours. Very nice! I love the fabric combinations.

    The rocky road recipe is perhaps a must-try for when I next wear my own (though not patchwork) apron :-)

  2. LOVE the aprons! You picked the loveliest fabrics for the patchworks. So pretty!

  3. You got a GREAT fit on the aprons! hehe
    I'm sure they'll be very pleasant to wear with all the wonderful fabrics.

    I have a couple of different goodies-mixed-in-chocolate-to-make-a-cookie recipes. I try not to make them very often (:

  4. They really are beautiful aprons. The pleats are lovely, especially on the second apron. I hope you don't wipe your chocolatey hands all over them! Even though aprons are there to protect you from the spills and splashes, it would be hard to let these one get dirty. You'll have to wash them often so they don't get horrible mouldy stains.

  5. These are lovely aprons. The pleats giving bust fit are sheer brillance. I though I was the only sewing nerd who found her butchers aprons highly annoying in a fitting sort of way ;).
    I must not look at that Rocky Road. I haven't cleaned my sewing room yet.

  6. Lovely aprons, but as a child of the 60s, aprons feel like balls and chains to me.

  7. Stylish aprons and delicious treats, what a fantastic way to spend your time!

  8. what a great idea! Beautiful styling on those aprons.

  9. Yummy--I have been having that kind of problem with cookie dough! The second apron is my FAVORITE. I love love love the pleats! I may have to steal your fabulous idea...

  10. Love the second apron. It'd make a really nice gift... although I'm not sure how well I'd take it if someone bought me something that suggested I go back to the kitchen and bake some more (not that I don't like to bake, but rather I don't like being told to bake!). But then, another option could be to change the design a little bit and make a crafter's apron with pockets etc. I've just finished a craft belt and it's been amazingly useful so far - it's mentioned on my blog: needlepullingthread.wordpress.com. Thanks for your post - really enjoyed it. Mona

  11. I agree with the love of a good apron. Recently we cleaned out my grandma's house, and one of the best things was the aprons from 1930's style fabric, which have 2 shoulder straps and a cross piece at the back, so it sits nicely and the straps dont slide around. They are awesome and have also inspired me to cook more... Yours are great also!