Children's swimmers

 Summer sewing always means a lot of swimmers around here.  We are in and out of the pool several times a day, just trying to survive the heat.

The first pair is for little miss.  I used Jalie 2792, a leotard pattern, for the body, then added my own straps. 

The straps are rather cute and easy to make.  I folded a length of lycra in half and stitched a line 1 cm from the folded edge to form a casing.  I threaded rubber elastic through the casing.  The elastic was about half the length of the lycra strip, so it makes a pretty ruffle.

The fit of this pattern looks the same as on the pattern envelope.  There is quite a bit of negative ease, so it is a very snug fit.  She is very happy with the fit, and says that the elastic is not too tight.  I think if I were to make a ballet leotard out of cotton lycra I might go up a size or two.

I only lined the front.  Next time I will modify the front of the pattern to shape it more like the bikini top below.

She still loves to dress in the same clothes as me, so I made her a bikini very similar to mine.  The top was made using Kwiksew 3165.  The kwiksew instructions are very good and showed me a new way to apply the straps / elastic.  The bikini bottoms with this pattern have never fit her particularly well, so I drafted my own using Stuart's children's swimwear block.  The bottoms are reversible. 

She has plenty of swim shirts, so then it was onto the boys.  Again, I made the pattern for the boys' briefs.  For my older son, I cut the shirt off a perished RTW shirt.  The shirt for my younger son was made using Kwiksew 2888, which must be out of print, because I cannot find it for you in the catalogue.  I went up 2 sizes because the pattern is for a close fitting raglan sleeved top and bike pants (actually, I was too lazy to trace off the pattern.  Tracing is one of my least favourite sewing activities.  My children have nearly all grown out of this pattern so I just cut it in the largest size).
I bought the fabric from Glitter and Dance.  I think it was called "aqualife" and is supposed to be chlorine resistant, so I am hoping it lasts better than most swimwear.

Now, back to the swimming pool.


  1. Nice job on the the swimwear.

  2. Adorable swimsuit and bikini! I always envy you your gorgeous weather until I remember than I'm not heat-resistant at all. Several times in the pool just to survive? Thanks for reminding me to be thankful for the snow that's just falling outside my window!

  3. So cute. Strange to hear about swimming in a pool and heat when here it's only snow and freezing. Enjoy!

  4. Fantastic job on those swim tops, and the boys look as though they just love them! And that bikini is too adorable... I love the contrasting lining. Is the top reversible too?

  5. These are awesome! And I love that your daughter likes to dress like you and you accommodate by making her matching stuff. That is SO cute! I'm hoping my daughter will enjoy the same thing.

  6. I can't even imagine what it would be like to live in the climate you live in - I can barely cope with the heat in ours which would be like a Spring day to you. Good thing you are so handy with a machine to whip up some cool swim wear for the kids.

  7. I like the strap idea and might copy it for the next time I make an adult swim suit...which is soon! But I would suggest lining the entire suit in the future...I just had a RTW swimsuit that start disintegrating...in the front, I'm ok with the extra coverage of the lining...but in the back, uh oh!

  8. You are becoming a swimwear expert! Love both pairs. My daughter has just ordered a second pair.