Vogue 8527 Version 5!

This is my 5th time making Vogue 8527, but the first time that I have sewn view E.

I was making this the afternoon before my school reunion, in amongst a gazillion other goings on, so took a few short cuts.  For the other versions of this bag I used a heavyweight sew-in interfacing, but for this one I used a medium weight fusible interfacing.  Big mistake, as the bag is not stiff enough to clutch easily.  Now I have a piece of cardboard taking up room inside the bag :(.

I used a thick cotton for the main fabric of the bag and a satin for the bow.  I would recommend using a much stiffer fabric for the bow, such as duponi or taffeta, as my bow droops and does not hold its shape well.

Still, another cute clutch to add to my growing collection. 


  1. Definitely a cute clutch. You are inspiring me to try bag making.

  2. A beautiful, glamourous clutch. I especially love the use of two contrasting textures. Adds interest and makes the satin look particularly luxe.

    You've definitely got your money's worth out of that pattern.

  3. This is a very cute clutch! And your summer slip in the previous post is beautiful; beautifully sewn and simply chic in itself.
    Thankyou for visiting my blog, and your lovely comment

  4. Gorgeous! And I absolutely love your Vogue 8529 dress; your fabric and the placement of the pattern is stunning. That is one elegant, chic dress. Life would be fab indeed if Vogue did Marni patterns!

  5. It's beautiful! I love the contrast of the cotton and satin!

  6. Well you are certainly getting great use out of that pattern but I doubt I'd be brave enough for 5 versions of the one I just made.

    This should help you decipher my comments. He used to be known as "rocket boy" before he got all serious on us.