Happy Birthday to ......

... Bernice, of Raindrops and Bellyflops.

I made you a present, but of course I haven't posted it.  I have, however, popped it up here, knowing that you are my blog's biggest fan, and you will at least see it on your birthday.

I had a hard time choosing the fabrics.  In the end I went with a Tessuti Japanese cotton for the flap, some vintage Sheridan home decor fabric for the front, a navy corded silk for the back and centre strip and a navy linen for the lining.

I reckon it'll go nicely with jeans, with all those navy bits.


  1. How lovely to make a present - as they say, nothing more precious than your time. I laughed at the accessories -keys, cell phone, lipstick and.. tape measure! Yes, what woman could leave the home without her tape measure to double check fabric yardage?

  2. Thanks Katherine! I love it. I just love the japanese fabric and have found myself really drawn these prints lately. In fact, last Friday Paul and I went browsing through a Japanese shop in town just to admire their prints. I'll listen out for the posty's bike!

    What a fun surprise!

  3. What a lovely gift and the combination of fabrics are great.I have to say I enjoy reading your blog, and thank you for mentioning Gardams a few times. I work there and it's nice to see our fabrics made up. Next time you're in Brisbane pop in and say hi.