Trying on Zakka

I first heard the word "Zakka" on Emily Kate's blog.  Last week I borrowed the book "Zakka Sewing" from my local library.  I only borrowed it for the eye candy,  because I mostly just like to sew clothes.  Then, as I was wrapping my camera in a washer to protect it in my bag on the kindy picnic, I thought perhaps I needed a little zakka.  A while back,  Peacock Chic made herself a really groovy camera case, which has inspired my zakka version.

It is very cute.  Perhaps a little too cute for me?  Maybe I should have stuck to plain linens.  Or maybe a drawstring bag in pretty fabric would have been sufficient.  I'll try it for a while.  If I find that I am embarrassed to take my camera from my bag, I might have to re-gift it.

1 comment:

  1. That's very cute indeed. Something to be proud of I'm sure - unless you have your ballet shoes bag draped over your shoulder while walking along with Lucy wearing her Japanese skirt, then it may just look a little silly! I like it a lot!