Scrap Busting

We had a new babysitter last night.  At the end of the evening she reported that when she asked the children what their mother did, they replied that "she sews dresses".  The babysitter was surprised by this answer and wondered if I sewed for a shop.  No, she just likes to sew dresses.

Only lately, I have not had much chance to sew dresses.  I have had a skirt half sewn up for a couple of weeks now.  I should have got to it this weeked, but got distracted by a few stash-busting projects (can't get into the sewing room for all the remnants).

This little linen pouch is a gift for a friend. It can be folded to clutch size.  Unfolded, it is the right size for my Sudoku puzzle book.

I used some of my favourite scraps to make a little drawstring bag for my ballet shoes.  Not really necessary, but when I was sorting through the remants for gift ideas, I was thinking that everybody else ends up with my favourite craft items...perhaps I should make something lovely for me.  This one was quick to make and took very little fabric, so I have not really deprived my gift receivees.  It is much more lovely than the photograph suggests.

Now, I am going to nominate myself for a virtuous mother / virtuous aunt award for the next project.  10 pairs of childrens swimmers (not all photographed, as some are currently in the swimming pool).  This one started because I had a few lycra scraps left over from dance costumes.  Only big enough for a Size 3, but the lycra was such good quality that I didn't want to throw it away.  That got me started using up all the lycra scraps I had...it won't be much longer that I get to sew Sz 3 swimmers.  I don't need to sew bikini tops for the girls, because all the children up here when swimming shirts when they are swimming.  Whilst I was on a roll, I re-made some of last year's too short one-pieces into bikinis for me.

Lastly, an idea that won't use up much of the remnant pile, but needs scraps all the same.  I saw this gift wrapping idea in the lastest edition of Peppermint magazine.  Covered buttons.  I only had one button to cover, but I like this idea so much that I will go and get more.

Now, back to the skirt.


  1. wow - you have been busy! What a great way to use up all those scraps - I'm so impressed. And swimmers to boot - 4 way stretch fabric. I haven't been brave enough to tread that path.

  2. The bags are very sweet - love the doily detail! And all those swimmers Well done. Funny typo - all the children wear swimming 'skirts'. I instantly got images of Oli, Miles and Monty prancing around in cute nanna-style swimming skirts.

  3. Your kids' comment cracks me up! Children just tell it like it is, don't they :)

  4. Oh--the ballet shoe bag is so lovely. Giving me some ideas for gifts. I haven't tried making bags yet but I have loads of scraps.

  5. Those are all nice sewing projects. Love the gift wrap!