Visiting Tessuti

I added an extra day to my Sydney trip just to visit Tessuti.  No complaints from Peter, and he even told me that he had luggage room for any fabric I bought.  Whatta man!  The photo above is taken out the front of their Surry Hills store.

So I finally got to meet the lovely Colette in person.  I just love meeting people who are enthusiastic about fabric...kindred spirits.  Colette even took me to her local coffee jaunt, where I had to confess that I don't drink coffee.  I don't normally pass on that detail until at least the second date :-), but I can confirm that their pies are something special. 

Now onto the fabric.  I spent literally hours in that store and could have stayed longer.  Because there is a dirth of fabric stores where I live, I use my holidays to stock up.  I have my favourite stores and mostly I just find one or two pieces in each that I love.  These days I mostly start with a fabric and then pick a pattern, as doing it the other way round leads to frustration when I can't find what I want.  In Tessuti however, there was so much that was good.  I ended up being a bit overwhelmed...I should have drawn up that wardrobe plan first!

I did restrain myself, not intentionally, but because I couldn't pull the thoughts together in my head.  When I got home, I was surprised to find that the fabrics worked together.  The above is a pile of fabrics for me...all plains...a couple of organic knits, a shirt-weight woven, a couple of linens and a silk bottom weight.  I also bought a couple of prints for my little girl (the boys miss out again) and a few lycra swimwear lengths.

 Thanks Colette, for a great day!


  1. Hi Katherine,

    Ditto! It was great to finally meet you in person too.A great day.... I only wish we had more time to hang out and chat.

    The wonderful thing about starting a blog is getting to meet some wonderful new people via the web.

    Have a great weekend. I look forward to seeing what you make with your stash of fabrics

  2. Lucky you! Make some beautiful things and share them with us.

  3. Oh I can just imagine spending hours and hours in a fabric shop. I'm very impressed you came back with so many versatile plains and easy wear knits. You'd get lots of ticks from my wardrobe planning book for that (ie, things you can and do actually wear)....

  4. Hello , I often read your blog and am impressed that you can sew and look after 2 munchkins as well . I understand your being overwhelmed and confused . I get like that too when confronted by alot of choice . I have helped myself a bit by having a bunch of scraps of fabric from my stash, in a ziplock bag and then keeping it in my bag at all times . This helps me to construct stories of fabrics and has worked really well . I also keep a small notebook and pen and then when I am "shopping " can race out have a break in a coffee shop and furiously draw my inspiration. I have also used my camera in the change room to snap little details which I really like but I keep forgetting to charge it !!!I have thought about photographing all my patterns and keeping them on my camera so I can have a quick squiz but I doubt I could be that organized!!