Colour: the good and the bad

Shall we start with the not-so-good.  This is a copy of a caftan I tried on whilst on holiday.

It is a very simple design.  Just a length of fabric, split into 3 panels, with the middle panel gathered at the waist-line.

Only, instead of looking like I am wandering from pool to bar, I look like I have wandered off the set of a Nativity Play.  I am putting this down to the colour.  I bought the fabric at Kerryn's Fabric World a couple of years ago.  It is shirt-weight cotton.  That was the year that the shops were flooded with brown clothing and I couldn't bear to see another brown blouse, so I stashed the fabric.

I bought the lace trim in France, years ago.

I expect that it will get a bit of wear over the years, as somebody always needs to dress up as a shepherd at Christmas time!

So moving on from the not-so-good to the fabulous.  I bought these shoes last week, 70% off and the last pair left were my size.These shoes are very out of character for me...usually my heels are limited to the diana ferrari super-soft and the equally comfortable Tsonga shoes.  The colour is what I love most about these.

Here is a "what I wore today" shot.
The t-shirt: a no-brand t-shirt that I picked up in Melbourne.  It does have a tag saying "made in China".
The skirt:  my favourite skirt pattern, Vogue 7735, made up in a Japanese cotton from Tessuti.
The shoes: as above
The necklace: from Elk.  My sisters have recently introduced me to this jewellery label and I love every piece in the collection.

I have always loved the green colour in the shoes.  My favourite, favourite piece of furniture is a cabinet that Peter built for me from an old oven that I picked up at the dump shop for $7.  I'm sure these ovens would sell for way more at a 2nd hand shop.  It is the only time I have ever rummaged in the "shop" at the dump.  On the same day, I picked up some scraps of colour-bond that Peter used when he made our wine-rack (too dusty to photograph!).  Must have been my lucky day.


  1. What an adorable cabinet and a creative way to reuse an old oven!

  2. Love the green ensemble and those shoes make me go green with envy. Pity about the kaftan - I think it would work better in a sheer chiffon fabric. The brown cotton does look a little biblical.

  3. If you don't love your caftan, just make it a learning experience. Love your shoes, and that cabinet is to die for!

  4. I like the kaftan - I think it works exactly as promised and it was clever of you to work out how to copy it.

  5. The shoes are F.A.B.U.L.O.U.S - what a find!