Pseudo Housework

Yesterday I was taken on a tour of my house. The tour included the corner where all my new sewing books are sitting, the corner where my recently aquired retro Burda magazines are piled up, the corner where I have left my drafting tools and sloper because I will get back to the sleeve sometime, the corner where I leave the library books (mostly sewing related) and the corner where my general reading books are because my bedside bookshelf is filled with Threads and Stitches magazines. Then we went and had a look at the purpose built bookshelf for sewing related stuff. Which was full. Funnily enough, the tour did not include the corner where guitars seem to be multiplying, the corner when the not-yet-unpacked suitcase resides between trips and the corner where useful papers get thrown in amongst useless papers. Perhaps I had to pay extra for that.

Anyway, today I have dealt with the corner where school notes pile up in the kitchen and there is no room left for cooking. It is all a bit country-cottage, but I have sewn an organiser to hold school notes, seed-envelopes to send money to school with those notes, and pens to fill in the notes.

The fabric, puchased at my local quilting store, is cute, but it does not seem great quality. It was pulled out of grain, stretched when I sewed it, and crushed very easily. All very unusual for quilting cottons. I decided that near-enough was good enough and did not get out the quilting ruler and cutting mat. This was probably in light of the lesson in perfection my daughter gave me the other day.

I had bought her a couple of fat quarters and she decided to make her doll a sleeping bag and pillow. I gave a little direction for the sleeping bag and then left her to get on with the pillow (her sewing machine is set up next to her bed, which is in the perfect location for an afternoon nap). I didn't have any stuffing. She wanted to use batting instead, but I argued in favour of waiting until I could buy some stuffing (mostly because I really wanted to nap). Her reply was, "Mum, Lisa is just a doll. She's not real, you know. It doesn't have to be perfect." And she was right, not all sewing has to be perfect.


  1. Great idea about the organiser for all the school notes. Boy I could use one of those. :)

  2. Looks great! LOve the colour scheme.