I love it when my on-line fabric purchases turn out to be exactly what I wanted, only more gorgeous.  This Italian red/ivory batik cotton voile is from Emmaonesock.

Yesterday I was talking with my sister about cutting out more projects than we sew and then I went onto admire Mary Nanna's dedication to one project at a time.  Only now, mid-way through quite a big project, I have received this gorgeous, gorgeous fabric, which I was wanting to make into a scarf.  It would make a beautiful blouse, but I am one of these people that has to wear colour if I don't want people asking why I look so tired / sick / run-down etc.   A scarf will get me a lot more wear from my neutrals. 

And really, it will only be a minor interruption.  Just sew two lengths together, narrow hem the sides, a wash to soften and crinkle a little and I'm done.  It will be perfect to take on my holiday.  I'd better go change the thread in my machine.


  1. I can totally understand why you'd need to break from your LBD - we'll call it a coffee break - because that kind of sewing is a huge commitment of time and some quick gratification can be just what's required to get you through it. Lovely fabric!

  2. I'm not a fabric stasher, but I've just been drooling over the Emma One Sock site. Such nice stuff.

  3. Of course you need a quick project whilst working on a major work of art! That will be a fabulous scarf.