Refashioning clothes

Pattern review is haveing a refashioning / recycling / re-constructuring competition. I love the idea of this and wanted to find all the wadders in my wardrobe and make them work for me...but sewing time is limited and I am a little bit absorbed in drafting knits at the moment (more about that later). However, I have found the time to complete one re-fashion.

I have only worn this dress once. It is a little frumpy. I wanted to turn it into a sleek dress, but decided that the shape of the top of the dress was not ideal. Then I thought about turning it into a 2-for-1 dress (to look like a skirt / dress combo), but I did not have a top that I was prepared to sacrifice to this project. So why not go down the easy route, and just make a skirt from it?

I am high-waisted. Normally, I try to dress to disguise this fact, but given that high-waisted garments are part of the current fashion cycle, I thought that I could just put a wide waist band on top of a waisted skirt and get the high waisted effect. Voila.

This is a self-drafted skirt pattern. Details on pattern review.


  1. Hi Katherine
    I have enjoyed reading you blog after discovering your review on PR, so am nominating you for the Kreative Blogger award.
    Great blog, great garment construction :)
    Cheers Kate (also a "Katherine")

  2. I think you're right to emphasise the high-waisted look - both the pictures in this post and your croquis drawings in the previous post are very elegant. Of course I am just envious, having no waist to speak of myself!

  3. Hi! I have an award for you posted on my blog. :)

    Come by if you would like to play, but of course it’s completely optional.

    Take care,