Vintage Skirt

This skirt is just a reflection of how long it takes me to adopt a trend....first I see it in a fashion mag and think that the proportions are a bit odd, then there are a few more of them and I get used to it, after a while I think oh, that looks good on her and then finally I decide to make one. By then, the rest of the world has moved on!

I used WildGinger to generate the pattern for this skirt. It is a straight skirt with wide front pleats and centre front button closure. I had problems with their drafting, which I will detail in my pattern review. The fabric was an old tablecloth from an op shop.

Skirt review.
I made the camisole a while ago. Cami review.

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  1. I love your skirt and the way you have styled your look. I laughed at your description of how you decided to give it a go.. it's so true isn't it, that new fashions look bizarre until suddenly they become all the rage and we just have to them. Nice recycling too. All round impressive!