Pencil Roll

I'm not normally a crafty sewer...there's way too many clothes to sew...but yesterday I was a women obsessed. The day before, I had bought a friend's daughter some pencils and planned to whip up a pencil case. Then I woke up dreaming about pencil rolls (so much for fantasies!). A quick search on the internet showed me this fabulous pencil roll, and I was on my way.

Now anybody who has been anywhere near me lately has heard me moan about how busy I am , but for some reason, I just had to stop everything and make this. When I was getting the fabrics ready, I thought that I might have trouble giving it away, so I made two! It is a nice memento of what I have sewn this year, and I'm just getting supplies ready to learn a little more about fashion illustration. I may never draw a thing, but now I have nice pencils in a nice pencil roll.

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