I have made this blouse using the fabric I won in the Tessuti give-away. I had already made a hat with some of the fabric, so I had to choose a pattern with low yardage requriements...Burda WOF July 08 No 108 fit the bill. I modified it by shortening the length 13cm, omitting the back zipper, omitting the inner yokes and finishing the neck edge with a self-fabric binding.

Now I don't know if I have enough readers for a give-away, but I feel I should pass on the generosity, so here goes... I am going to split my give-away into 2 groups.

The first is for Australian readers only. 4 editions of Threads magazines that I have double-ups of due to shipping errors. I ordered back issues which didn't arrive, and so I got them re-sent, and then months and months later the original ones turned up. With the recent plummeting of the Aussi dollar, Threads magazines are on the ex-y side for us Aussis. There are some great articles here...several articles by Joyce Murphy on pants fitting and a fabulous method for sewing welt pockets.

The second is for everyone else in the world...the 3 latest editions of Australian Stitches magazine, which you may have trouble getting. The highlight of these magazines for me are Eddi Frantz' articles, where he cuts through the fashion trends to come up with garments that we can sew. Mhe magazine also includes sewing techniques and fitting tips.

To enter the give-away, leave a comment saying where you are from and nominating one of your favourite websites for inspiration...be it sewing, fashion, art or otherwise, before the 14th of November.


  1. Nice top! I like how you added the lace in the yoke.
    Belinda (Sew-4-Fun) from Melbourne, whose favourite website for inspiration is PatternReview.com of course!

  2. The lace is a perfect match in colour and shape,the top looks great. How lovely to have a giveaway, I bet you have plenty of readers. My favourite site is Stitcher's Guild, http://artisanssquare.com/sg/index.php, and I was lucky enough to subscribe to Threads whilst the dollar was fat, so someone else needs your present!

  3. Your fabric choice and trim (specially the colour combinations), make this one stylish top.
    Vonnevo from Brissie, whose fave website is PR (followed closely by Burda).

  4. The top is very cute - I, too, really like the trim around the yoke! :)
    Please include me for the Stitches give-away - Gwen from Florida, I get my inspiration from about 150 sewing blogs - yours included! :)

  5. Nice top...I love what you did with the trim. I gather inspiration from a lot of different blogs, but if I had to pick one, I love to follow Summerset's art garments. She is so creative and an excellent seamstress. Her blog is http://scpbanks.blogspot.com/ You can also check out my blog http://sewfastembroidery.blogspot.com/ Not that I think I am all that inspiring, but I do make myself laugh sometimes! I live in Estacada, Oregon. Mary

  6. I get my inspiration from Stitcher's Guild and the ton of blogs that I visit on a regular basis including yours. My name is Towanda. I'm from Baltimore, Maryland.

  7. Dawn from Alaska. PatternReview.com is what got me sewing about a year ago and I love it.

    I love the trim you added to your top.

  8. I really like your top. It is very flattering.

    I have to say I go to patternreview and follow several blogs. It is so good to see what real people do with the patterns that are out there. It really helps me to visualize different versions.

    I live in Galesville, Wisconsin

  9. That top is wonderful! The trim is totally gorgeous!

    Luckylibbet, aka Heather from the SF Bay Area in California. My sewing inspiration comes from patternreview.com, but I also check out fashion-incubator.com daily.

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  11. As of late, my inspiration has come from PR, but I also love reading sewing blogs! Oh, and I listen to several sewing podcasts, Sew Forth Now being my favorite. http://sewforthnow.blogspot.com/

    I live in Shawnee, Oklahoma

  12. my inspiration comes from Tessuti both the blog and the online store. Living in Tamworth means this is one of the few ways I can but gorgeous fabric.

  13. Hi,
    I live in South East Texas, just coming off of the Ike Hurricane.
    Beginning sewer, and I like patternreview dot com, plus Sew Mamma Sew website.
    My favorite sewer is Izzie on pattern review (cause she's been my friend since 2nd grade!).

    My obsession is the purchasing of patterns...!

    Thanks for the giveaway opportunity!
    yogawithgaileee at gmail dot com

  14. I love that top and have been considering making it - I love your version so may have to get off my butt to do it. My favorite inspiration site abpart form other sewist's blogs is patternreview.com of course!

    Sue from Toowoomba Australia...

  15. Hi, my name is Kathleen and I'd like to nominate www.burdastyle.com as a place of sewing inspiration and Free! patterns. They are relatively new and offer a good value, interesting creations, tutorials, blogs and message boards. The site is still a little clumsy but I am able to find what I need and I like to support them. It is fascinating to see them grow and I can't wait for Mondays when a new pattern is released.

    Here are some of my other favorites:
    I do visit PatterReview everyday, it is a well-fleshed out almost infinite resource. It is my gold-standard for sewing sites

    And the sewing diva's blog is at http://thesewingdivas.wordpress.com/ I learn something every time I go there.

    Lately I have been reading everything I can at www.fashionincubator.com -- Kathleen's tutorials are invaluable. She is the one who taught me the importance of the pattern and accuracy in cutting and marking.

  16. Oh, love the trim on this blouse-it adds such a nice vintage touch. How cool is it that you were able to use the yardage you won?

    One of my fave site for inspiration in my sewing and craft life is "clothpaperscissors". The address is
    This is not a sewing site. It is a website connected with the magazine "clothpaperscissors" and is also aligned with Quilting Arts-thus the sewing connection. Reading this site, and the magazine, awaken my creativity and infuse my own sewing with possibilities.

  17. Katherine, oops...I didn't add where I was from. Writing to you from southern Oregon in the high desert. :-)
    marec on patternreview

  18. I like your idea of the trim on your top.
    My sewing inspiration comes from Pattern Review, and sewing blogs. But, most of all,my inspiration comes from my 13 yr old dd, who peruses every fashion magazine and website, and RTW. She then comes to me and says "Isn't this cute? Can we make it, but like this, with these sleeves, this fabric and this color, and not so long....
    Heather H. Washington State USA (Sumas)

  19. My sewing inspiration comes from lots of blogs but especially from http://sewingfantaticdiary.blogspot.com/ and http://sewonandsewon.blogspot.com/

    Thanks for the give away
    Joyce in North Carolina (USA)

  20. Love the top! I am getting great inspiration ideas from the above comments! Thanks everyone!

    My inspirations have been from Sew Tessuti blog--great pattern reviews with lovely fabric and http://sewing.patternreview.com/--the reviews are so helpful!
    Cindy (Chicago, IL)

  21. Guess who has won a little prize?

    Great giveaway btw.


  22. Great top and congratulation on winning a prize at the Tessuti online award. Your dress there was really really gorgeous. My favorite blog for inspiration is http://thesartorialist.blogspot.com . The styles shown on his site are mainly candids and I think he does a great job of showing the current mood in fashion.

  23. Congrats on your 2nd place in the Sew Tessuti on-line awards!! Let us know what fabric you buy with your prize.

  24. Oh I just saw your fabulous party dress on the Tessuti blog - congratulations!

  25. How generous!!! It would be hard to pick just one site but I would have to say that I really get inspired by the patternreview.com site. I love my blogs too but if I have to pick one there it is!hehe I am from the US

  26. Hi, my name is Paola from Berry, NSW, Australia, I am an "advanced beginner" sewist, having just started to make clothes for myself after a break of about er...20 years! What got me back on my sewing groove, you may ask? This time last year I was doing some lazy internet surfing instead of my taxes, which lead me to http://www.whatiwore2day.blogspot.com/, a site where Kasmira from Cincinnati Ohio chronicles her outfits on a daily basis. They are always worth checking out. Anyway, this site alone inspired me to get interested in fashion again (after years of being in jeans, jeans, jeans). Clothes shopping has always been a bugbear though - I like clothes that are too expensive, or needed to be altered. So I thought, why not dust off the sewing machine and sew my own clothes? I have a sewing machine, though I have only used it in recent years to make curtains and cushion covers and the like. The clincher though, was typing "sewing" into Google, which was like opening Pandora's box. There are so many fabulous sites and blogs out there. I regularly visit about a dozen, but if I was forced to choose one that has me hightailing it to the sewing machine every time, it would be http://www.misscelie'spants.blogspot.com/, for the lucid writing, the inspiring sewing, the helpful tips,and the amusing podcasts with fellow blogger, Trena (whose blog is also on my "must visit" list).

  27. Oh, I'd love a chance at the Aust. Stitches magazines!