A floppy hat

This was a fun little project, from start to finish. The fabric was an unexpected gift from Sew Tessuti, in a pretty celadon green colour. The inspiration was a Zimmermann floppy hat that I saw when window shopping in Port Douglas (well, I was window shopping, I think everyone else was just getting an ice-cream). I love floppy hats...they could just as easily be poolside chic as they could be earth mother...I guess it depends on whether you keep it in your beach bag or in your washing basket!

I used Vogue 8405...View C for the top and crown and View A for the brim. The pattern calls for horsehair canvas interfacing, but because I wanted my brim to flop rather than stick out (so that the wind doesn't carry it away), I just used a fusible, medium-weight, everyday interfacing on both the upper and lower brims. Then I sewed the lower and upper brims together with concentric rows of stitching, so that the brim would be pliable, yet stiff enough to bend up if I needed.


  1. Wow!!! Katherine that is a fabulous hat... the colour is just perfect on you...well done.

  2. oooo congrats on winning the covetted japanese cotton :)
    It looks fabulous as a floppy sun hat well done!

  3. hey there Katherine,

    Could I use one of your pics of the gorgeous floppy hat - on my blog? - an update on what happened to the fabrics in the giveaway.

    Just wanted our customers to see it - it's so lovely .