My pattern contest - part 5

Well I have started sewing the real thing...and have run into problems. I'm not sure how to get my pleats to stay in position. In my muslins, I was more concerned with fit, so just pinned them into place. If I sew them down, they are too discrete. If I don't sew them, they fall out. In the photo below, I have sewed some on machine and others at intervals. Perhaps I need some sort of stays on the inside. Or to sew them to the lining? I'm also wondering if my fabric is too fine and needs to be backed with a thicker fabric. Any ideas?

My skirt

Original inspiration

Later post...I have just tried sewing the top pleat to the lining. Is seems to give the effect I was after. I probably should sew it to an interlining rather than a lining. I've never interlined anything before....It's time to go and read those articles that I skip to decide what to interline with and whether it should be the full skirt.

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  1. Have you looked at this Chloe draped a-line skirt using the close-up images at net-a-porter.com? It may help to see their sample on a body. I think the fabric in the inspiration skirt is quite crisp. Fabric choices will impact how the pattern works for you.